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Steftalks Webinar | Your SAP Experience – Digitized!

We could all use a little help; fortunately, AI is stepping up to the plate. And if you’ve never heard of Enterprise Digital Assistants, read on.

We could all use a little help sometimes; fortunately, artificial intelligence is stepping up to the plate. And if you’ve never heard the term Enterprise Digital Assistant, our latest webinar might be of interest to you!

Enterprise Digital Assistant

As our world becomes increasingly connected, new business challenges have inspired innovative digital solutions. An Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) helps enterprises perform tasks, which free up people to spend more time on value-added work. It uses intelligent and deep learning (DL/ML, NLP, AI) to assist people or automate tasks. It hears and analyzes behaviors, creates and maintains models, and predicts and recommends actions. An EDA assists you with small tasks like resetting your password or complex tasks like automating your master data maintenance or business process insights and more; you just need to interact with it. An EDA empowers your SAP experience in the following ways:

Active Assistant

Your EDA is always active even if you are not talking to it.

Business Process Assistant 

Your EDA not only performs business tasks, but also guides you to understand the business process if you are new to it.

Business Process Automation 

Your EDA can reduce your workload by automating repetitive tasks. Furthermore, it can help you monitor your systems by alerting you in case it finds any errors while transacting.

Business Decision Making 

Your EDA can also help you in making intelligent decisions for your enterprise, thus making it an intelligent business decision engine.

When looking for an EDA, seek one that is based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus on self-adaptation and both interactive and contextual automation. The goal here is to find an EDA that can achieve self-learning and human-like interaction.

Further, you want your EDA to adapt to different business scenarios and interact with various personas. With an omni-channel approach, your EDA should be able to integrate with different channels to provide a tailored customer experience.

The Webinar

Featuring Yesasvi Sankara, SAP Practice Director, and Sujoy Sarkar, Software Development VP, “Digitize SAP with an Enterprise Digital Assistant” is an informative and engaging talk that is sure to show you a new perspective. 

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