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Steftalks | WFH Secure: Cut The Vulnerability

In the age of working from home, what threats should your company be aware of? Let’s go over cybersecurity risks and challenges In this half-hour webinar.

The “Cybersecurity during the WFH Moment” webinar dove into cyber security threats that are brought on by the challenge that is working from home – as well as how to prevent them. 

·         Increased Risk of Threats 

·         Security During the WFH Moment  

·         The Webinar

Increased Risk of Threats 

Unfortunately, we’re a more enticing target for hackers while connected remotely to a company’s network. And now that almost two thirds of the U.S. workforce are working from home, hackers have an even greater opportunity to infiltrate work computers with scams and other security risks.  

Sure, your company network likely has plenty of safeguards in place that protect against hackers and scammers who are looking for access to valuable company data and resources. But when you’re on your home network, you’re less protected against those threats. That’s why remote workers are the most likely to fall prey to hackers and scammers who are targeting VPN connectivity and local networks. 

Want to read more about remote cyber security threats? Read this blog post!  

Security During the WFH Movement 

So, what is happening in this moment? In short, the digital world is seeing an increase in Saas, BYOD, digitalization, and data services, which is leading to a rise in cyber threats. Our challenge is to consider the impact of these capabilities, their vulnerabilities and the personal damage we might collect along the way. As previously mentioned, hackers have a lot of techniques and tactics they can use; we need to make sure we’re protecting users’ end points and connectivity. What actually happens that raises the amount of cyberattacks that occurs during remote work? As more company environments become situated within the cloud and applications, we need to consider privacy by design by moving from applications to cloud SaaS.  

The Webinar 

Most crucially, we want to consider how this scenario is related with digital transformation. What should attendees be aware of and what should their priorities be? In this webinar, we’ll go over “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” and more. Featuring Marco Aurelio Peres, Head of Cyber Security and Greg Cothran, Director of Enterprise Services at Stefanini, “Cybersecurity during the WFH Moment” invites you to rethink security and how your business can be prepared for cyber threats. 

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