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6 Mindsets To Create A Good Chatbot

Our modern, digital lives involve interacting with systems through thousands of gadgets, with multiple screens, buttons and commands. As the world becomes increasingly connected, thousands of new technologies are created every week to help keep us updated and productive. To make the most of these new technologies, we are constantly challenged to understand machines, manuals and interfaces.

But what if we could interact with systems the way we interact with people? In other words, what if we could simply talk to them, asking them for help and sharing our needs, problems and concerns?

It’s an option that is increasingly becoming a reality with chatbots that use Artificial Intelligence to mimic human behavior. People communicating with chatbots will mostly be under the impression that they are talking to a human, as a result of the sophisticated technology embedded in the chatbot to amplify the cognition capacity of its “core”, or brain.

Beyond behaving like a human while talking, the chatbot can learn from one interaction to the next and, as a result, can demonstrate significant improvement even when communicating with the same user. This learning process can be automatic, via the chatbot’s own inferences regarding what works and what doesn’t, but it can also be reinforced by human action, offering direction on the best use of words and expressions, exactly as a child is taught when learning to speak.

Through making use of these remarkable technologies, Stefanini’s AI and Innovation division created a chatbot called Sophie, which is used by many companies worldwide to communicate more effectively with their customers, partners and employers.

Sophie is an omni-channel virtual assistant based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus on self-adaptation, alongside both interactive and contextual automation, which allows her to interact with humans. She can learn almost anything and integrate with several tools and systems, optimizing and speeding up important business processes.

By transferring some tasks to Sophie, your workforce will be able to focus on projects that require strategic decision-making for your company, while the chatbot provides automated services to help support your operations and enhance your productivity.

Watch our webinar recording (available in English and Portuguese) to learn the six mindsets for creating an effective chatbot, along with Sophie’s most powerful features, success stories and more!

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