Road to the Future Digital Workplace - Stefanini

Road To The Future Digital Workplace

Focus points of the webinar

  1. Covid-19 situation and how it influences the employee.
  2. Personas
  3. XLA
  4. Co-creation workshop
  5. Experiencing Artificial Intelligence
  6. Back into the office – Digital Café
  7. Maturity Roadmap
  8. Study Case for the Maturity Roadmap
  9. Stefanini Capabilities overview
  10. Stefanini Overview
  11. Why Stefanini ?
  12. Market recognition.

An employee-focused  Digital Workplace is playing an increasingly important role in the battle for top talent. As a result, Stefanini has been developing advanced solutions for clients looking to build employee engagement and productivity through the power of a Digital Workplace.

A Digital Workplace enables employees to work from anywhere and at any time they choose, while enabling collaboration and the co-creation of new business opportunities and solutions. Companies  that implement this as a way to support ‘Digital Nomad’ workers have a key advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, with the skills and experience to develop the business.

This corporate Digital Workplace should reflect the best aspects of consumerization, providing devices and applications quickly through fully automated requests and zero-touch provisioning.

Individual team and corporate collaboration tools are essential, and world-class support must be available through the omnichannel service of their choice, from traditional voice to walk up digital cafés.

The pandemic has created the situation where the Digital Workplace has become a necessity, as large parts of the workforce that can work in social isolation in their homes are effectively being fast-tracked to being digital nomads.

We have focused on adapting the maturity roadmap of our Digital Workplace program to the needs of the current situation. The focus of this webinar will be on responding smartly to the current situation, including how the coronavirus pandemic has re-shaped the way businesses have to act and react, along with the productivity and employee engagement benefits that can be realized through a best practice approach.

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