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Stefanini Partners With Forbes Romania To Bring The Digital Hour Of Power

Stefanini Group and Stefanini Infinit are proudly partnering with Forbes Romania to host the Digital Hour of Power, a two-day virtual event in September that will bring together leading experts to explore the very latest business and digital trends.

The must-attend event will gather more than 10 speakers from industry-leading businesses, including experts such as Mark Yates, IDC Europe Research Director, and Yugo Neumorni, President of CIO Association, to explore key trends, opportunities and challenges for businesses responding to a digitally transformed landscape and a post-coronavirus reality.

eaturing a variety of conferences, panel discussions and workshops, spanning everything from digital transformation and cybersecurity to the modern workplace, the event will offer a wealth of opportunity for co-creation and knowledge-sharing when it takes place from 2-3 September.

“Clearly companies have needed to adapt in recent months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and given the recent context, alongside ongoing digital transformation, we believe businesses will need to adopt a long-term culture of being adaptable and flexible, embracing change and evolving their offering and positioning,” explains Alex Cernatescu, CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy, Stefanini Infinit.

“Businesses need the right culture, processes, and belief systems in place, which will inform the way they communicate, both internally and externally, as well as the types of technologies they employ. We’re really excited to bring together some of our industry-leading partners to showcase how to effectively respond to the pandemic and the new landscape, offering some of the most relevant, forward-thinking and readily applicable advice available anywhere,” adds Alex.

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