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Steftalks: Digital Banking In 2020

Is your institution considering trends that might currently be affecting banking or are you looking for pointers on how to navigate the future of banking? Fortunately, Stefanini is here to offer guidance in this arena and more in our very first StefTalks – Stefanini-branded webinars that are the first of their kind in North America. Each StefTalks will feature experts in leveraging digital technology speaking about a broad range of relevant subjects. Our first StefTalk will focus on digital banking.

Date: Wednesday, December 11th  

Time: 12:30pm EST 

Length: 25-30 minutes

Tom Smith, Digital Analyst and Strategist will talk to Thiago Amaral, Head of Digital Banking at Stefanini to get his thoughts on the current and future state of banking. Thiago will share his thoughts on:

  1. How banks and credit unions are using data and technology to reduce expense while driving customer experience; and,
  2. Keys to success with digital banking initiatives

In addition, he’ll share several cases that showcase how financial institutions are employing agile teams, automating account origination, achieving seamless digital delivery, and handling compliance/security/fraud prevention.

If the above topics sound like something your institution could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to register for this brief and informative webinar by clicking here. For more information, contact us today at [email protected]

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