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New technologies and customer demands are arising everyday, shaping the future of the automotive industry in the process. To continue to meet client needs while staying competitive, the industry needs to be ever-adaptable. At Stefanini, we view digitalization as both a solution to this modern issue as well as a catalyst for innovation.

The Modern Mobility Ecosystem

The automotive industry is in a state of flux, with trends from the rise of electric vehicles to the growth of shared mobility disrupting the industry as we know it. Though these trends create new opportunities for innovation, they also present some unique challenges automakers will need to be prepared to overcome to remain competitive and meet ever-changing consumer demands. The modern mobility ecosystem calls for the creation of new roles, new technologies and new business models.

With automotive solutions driven by artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, cloud technology and more, Stefanini equips automotive companies with the tools and methodologies needed to digitally transform, with a proven track record of success that includes both automakers and suppliers.

Business Challenges

The automotive industry is experiencing change at a rapid rate, with the transition to electric cars, the rise of autonomous driving, and the creation of connected vehicles battling for dominance amidst ever-changing consumer demands.

To keep up with industry trends, automotive companies will need to think innovatively, investing in new technologies to compete not only with traditional automakers, but also new mobility players like Uber and Lyft, who continue to transform transportation worldwide. These challenges are accentuated by a growing number of regulatory concerns, ranging from safety protocols to carbon emission guidelines, which automotive companies will need to be proactive and adaptable to overcome. Thankfully, Stefanini can help. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience, we offer specialized, industry-focused solutions that can drive your business from where you are to where you need to be.

Scaling Solutions To Digitally Transform The Automotive Industry


SAI, Stefanini’s Artificial Intelligence suite, gives you the technology and expertise needed to get the most out of our co-created, custom-made AI solutions.

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Internet Of Things (IoT)

With our IoT-connected devices and insights, we will streamline and automate processes like inventory and supply chain management for cost savings.

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Smart Manufacturing

Stefanini’s Smart Manufacturing solutions address pain points directly to create optimized performance, insights, and analytics for improved productivity and profitability.

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Agile Transformation

A culture of innovation is key to success in an ever-changing industry. Stefanini’s agile squads can help your company develop the skills to create, develop, and test new ideas quickly, enabling faster deployment.

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Since partnering with Suzuki Romania, Stefanini Infinit has strategically assisted with the brand’s growth by covering strategy, digital transformation, creative services, media, and BTL.


Through a co-created agile process, we partnered with Toyota to create an effective predictive and data analytics solution, which is able to aggregate data from different sources to effect timely business decisions.


Creating automatic data collection and storage required the development of specific solutions that could communicate with existing plant equipment.


Let's Co-Create The Right Digital Solution For Your Business

We envision future possibilities with new transformative business philosophies to generate new revenue streams, markets, products, and business models. Let’s work together to digitally transform your business and build the solutions of tomorrow.

Related Capabilities


Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.

Application Services

As an agile partner with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities, we can provide you with flexible, cost-efficient application services.


With our digital strategy, we provide sweeping coverage and support for all of your digital challenges, ensuring you stay ahead of the game, all the time.


We provide reliable candidates with the expertise needed to fill multiple IT-related openings, either for long-term employment or short-term projects.


Based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, Sophie can assist with tasks such as triggering workflow, auto escalation, and much more.


We identify the most important facets of your business and mold our innovative solutions to fit your specific requirements.

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