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Crucial Role Of Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments In Cybersecurity

As IT systems grow in complexity, remote working becomes the norm and public cloud environments grow in popularity, many businesses face increased risks of cyberattacks performed by malicious third parties.

These attacks range from hacktivists motivated by specific causes, state-sponsored hits aimed at industrial espionage or sabotage, along with hackers motivated by financial gain, who might attempt to steal data assets or launch ransomware attacks.

Today, experts estimate that cybercrime costs the world about $ 6 trillion a year, to stay safe, the best defense against these risks is to have a proactive approach, in which businesses implement processes to identify and patch potential vulnerabilities before hackers get the chance to exploit them and adversely affect company assets.

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This webinar outlines a best practice approach and explores how information security experts, or ethical hackers, can examine exposed applications or systems and even simulate an attack in order to help companies determine how their security controls would react in case of a breach.

There are many examples of IT systems that are frequent targets for hackers, sometimes even easy targets: Internet web pages liked to insecure databases, API platforms interconnected to the outside ecosystem (mobile devices, connected cars, business partners, appliances), insecure wireless networks that are also unsupervised for long periods of time and even physical access control infrastructures are extremely valuable assets for attackers. Cloud computing systems host an array of flexible solutions (applications, storage, databases, servers) and often need extra precaution in order to ensure resilience against malicious intent.

Companies using such technologies can benefit greatly from vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services by prioritizing their resources to fix significant issues that were identified during these engagements. It is also a benchmark of their current cyber security level, defensive capabilities and allows to determine the best ways to act.

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