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Steftalks | After-Talk: Applying Data Science

Responding to your unanswered questions about data applications and more.

Everybody seems to agree that the future of technology is brighter than ever. Yet, humanity is not ready to move into the age of artificial intelligence. As you are reading this, history is being written. The importance of being ready for what is coming next is becoming more and more meaningful. That is why Stefanini’s latest webinar will address a new way of learning to face the future – from a data point of view.

Using Data in Business

You rely on data to make decisions, but for many businesses that data is incomplete, unorganized, or even inaccurate. To make better business decisions, you need better business data.

A common struggle for many companies is finding the best way to compile, organize, and analyze data. This only gets harder as our digital world moves forward, and you’re collecting and storing more and more data. Data integrity becomes more critical as your decisions become more reliant on data.

A complete view and understanding of your data can prime your business for innovation. Instead of leaving your virtual piles of data untouched and unutilized, you need to work to derive value from your data and create monetization.

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The Webinar

This After-Talk will recap the main ideas of our group’s data approach and add some questions everybody is asking lately, such as, what does the new objectivity look like? How do we separate the old from the new? And how do we prepare business models for change while actually enacting that change with data at the core? All these questions and many more can be answered in “After Talk: Applying Data Science.” This dynamic and engaging webinar features Iris Gologan, Digital Strategist,Alex Cernatescu, CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy at Stefanini Infinit, and Fabio Caversan, Stefanini Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Director. This live Q and A will responded unanswered questions and more. 

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