You rely on data to make decisions, but for many businesses that data is incomplete, unorganized, or even inaccurate. To make better business decisions, you need better business data.

Transform Your Business Data Into Insights

A common struggle for many companies is finding the best way to compile, organize, and analyze data. This only gets harder as our digital world moves forward, data integrity becomes more critical as your decisions become more reliant on data. Stefanini’s Analytics and Big Data services are designed to empower your business.

We provide a holistic view of your business’ data and actionable insights. Leveraging industry-leading best practices for data governance, we work to deliver data strategy, organization, visualization, and predictive modeling solutions.

Our data science and advanced data analytics take your business to the next level. We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate your business. Machine learning allows the algorithm to learn from your data, validate it, and then predict outcomes

The Power Of Data Analytics To Transform Business

Access your data’s full capacity with advanced data analytics

Our Analytics Capabilities

Data Driven Strategy

Map your analytics initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes with a data driven approach. A strategy to win in the age of intelligence starts with developing a data architecture blueprint and executable roadmap. 

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Vast amounts of business data requires optimization to be transformed into useful knowledge. Discover how advanced data engineering empowers organizations with meaningful insights to make real time decisions. 

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Stefanini’s Data Governance solutions are based on established best practices with data standards, automation, strategy and security. Discover our flexible, adaptable and effective data governance frameworks. 

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Data Science

Realize the power of your data to unlock a steady stream of insights to help you make better business decisions and elevate performance, resilience and growth for years to come.

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Accuracy and agility requires specialized predictive analytics. Stefanini’s Data Explainability solutions deliver insightful decision support using predictive analytics that answer complex questions, is production ready, scalable and evolvable.

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Data Analytics For Industry 4.0

Managing and predicting
your future with today’s data.

We offer end-to-end data solutions to match the high demands of the digital industry. Our experience includes digitalization and vertical integration of the value chain, product and service digitalization, and digital business models with direct integration with the final consumer.

These data and analytics solutions can also be implemented with cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT platforms, advanced human-machine interfaces, fraud detection and authentication, 3D printing, intelligent sensors, big data analytics, and advanced algorithms, augmented reality, and wearables.

Our Data Analytics Success Stories


Since partnering with Suzuki Romania, Stefanini Infinit has strategically assisted with the brand’s growth by covering strategy, digital transformation, creative services, media, and BTL.


Through a co-created agile process, we partnered with Toyota to create an effective predictive and data analytics solution, which is able to aggregate data from different sources to effect timely business decisions.


Creating automatic data collection and storage required the development of specific solutions that could communicate with existing plant equipment.

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We will plan, execute, sustain, and innovate your lean manufacturing operations. Our priorities reflect your objectives such as increased efficiency.

Customer Experience

Creating incredible user journeys is our focus as we use iterative thinking and data- driven problem solving to get to the core of what users need.

Industry 4.0

We integrate our Operation and Information Technology services, as well as IoT devices, to offer efficient business automation.

Cloud Consulting

Drive Efficiency & Enhance Your Business. Transform your cloud infrastructure with cloud consulting that covers everything from cloud migration to piloting new software.


Stefanini helps businesses keep up to date with digital strategy, IoT, cybersecurity, cognitive solutions & more.

D³ Device Monitoring

Stefanini d³ monitors systems in real time, analysing performance metrics from end point systems for faster issue resolutoin and proactive service.

We Look Forward To Working With You To Craft The Right Data Analytics Solution For Your Business.

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