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A. Stucki Company: On A Roll With Innovation In The Rail Transportation Market

Since its inception in 1911, A. Stucki Company has worked to move with irresistible force. Powered
by their initiative, hard work, and innovation, A. Stucki has been a trusted supplier of
high-quality freight cars and rail-related parts for more than a century. Today, the company designs, manufactures, and supplies engineered products and services to the rail transportation market.

Read on to learn how we worked with A. Stucki to streamline processes through unified ERP and greater control.

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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

Prior to partnering with Stefanini, A. Stucki was limited by disparate systems that were making it arduous to onboard and unite acquired businesses on an international scale. These time-consuming manual processes were weighing on the organization and there was no clear path to needed innovations. Further, the company lacked process standardization and adequate reporting for individual and consolidated company views.

Why SAP and the Stefanini Group

Stucki was looking to decommission multiple ERP approaches across its international enterprise, from QuickBooks to Oracle. After an exhaustive search, it concluded that SAP was the best overall fit for its industry-specific needs and processes. Now, it would have assistance with achieving greater overall efficiency, scalability, and business agility in areas ranging from inventory and supply-chain management to manufacturing, purchasing, production, sales, and finance.

“We’re advancing with SAP in all areas – from supply-chain management and planning to manufacturing and sales,” said Sagar Sumant, SAP Global Director, A. Stucki Company. “Following SAP best practicesminimizes the need for customization, which facilitates long-term innovation as well as integration and standardization with businesses we acquire.”

SAP Silver Partner Stefanini Group was selected for our expertise in supporting seamless SAP rollouts. With SAP, A. Stucki has eliminated the need for 150+ spreadsheet-based reports that were previously generated on a regular basis. Further, 35 new business processes were introduced and streamlined through the SAP ERP Central Component.

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After: Value-Driven Results

By working with us, A. Stucki has standardized best practices across the enterprise, with 7 out of 9 companies now standardized on SAP. This methodical business process re-engineering leverages SAP’s scalable industry-specific functionality, resulting in much tighter cash-flow management and control that includes stronger monitoring of credit limits.

Further, there is better inventory planning across supply chain, with stronger inbound and outbound production standards. This unparalleled integration has helped tremendously with workflow, providing a seamless interface that is much easier to use than previous manual processes.

Today, A. Stucki is leveraging SAP to launch an RPA prototype and customer integration with SAP cloud-based connectors.

Featured Solutions and Services

A. Stucki is standardizing on SAP solutions to ensure enterprise-wide best practicestoday and a platform for the long-term adoption of future innovations. Plans for 2021 include SAP S/4HANA implementation; the release of the current Robotic Process Automation prototype based on SAP technology; and customer integration leveraging SAP cloud connectors.

SAP solutions currently deployed and in progress include:

  • SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC)
  • SAP Concur
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence
  • SAP Best Practice Baseline Package
  • SAP C/4HANA in SAP Sales Cloud
  • SAP ASAP Methodology

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Work With Stefanini

From legacy ERPs to new SaaS tools, modern business run on multiple applications. They offer better business management with data collection and automated responses to help you grow and scale your business.

At Stefanini, we know you depend on these systems. That’s why we provide the support you need to design, develop, implement, and maintain your applications. We offer full lifecycle SAP services with in-depth expertise in planning and delivering SAP’s new Digital Core. Our services will provide better experiences for both your internal end-users as well as your external customers.

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