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Stefanini Launches Innovative Applications Solution 2.0

Technology evolves. So does Stefanini.  

Meet Applications 2.0, a merger of our current applications practice and SAP. To accommodate demand, Applications 2.0 includes specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Analytics.  

Our clients often use multiple application sets. Using multiple sets creates challengers, like needing to analyze numerous data sets to inform broader business decisions. We simplify clients’ processes with Applications 2.0 practice by centralizing multiple data sources. Moving to one central location enabled us to create an Integrated Service Portfolio.  

Sandy Sankara, Vice President of Applications, ERP & Enterprise Services at Stefanini explains: 

“We’re honing in on improving the client experience across the board this year, and that process begins with internal changes to ensure that we’re offering our clients as much value as possible. The integration of our service portfolio to form Applications 2.0 will allow us to achieve client goals more effectively and present a more comprehensive data-informed picture of the information our they care about most in an Integrated Solution context.”  

We project the Applications 2.0 practice to grow by 30 percent organically. Furthermore, our aim is to increase the Applications 2.0 team by nearly 80 percent. Our current team consists of nearly 400 people; we envision new hires and internal shifts to support the team’s growth.  

In Q4 of 2023, we anticipate integrating the enterprise service portfolio to form the Applications 2.0 practice. This will merge the existing Applications practice with Infrastructure, Security and Collaboration solutions, creating a comprehensive outcome-oriented service area. 

About Stefanini Group 

Our offerings include efficient, cost-reducing and effective services like: 

  • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing 
  • End-User Computing Outsourcing 
  • Application Managed Services 
  • Mainframe Modernization 

We have broad portfolio of solutions combining innovative consulting, marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence services for traditional solutions such as service desk, field service and outsourcing (BPO). 

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