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Enabling Impactful Omnichannel Customer Engagement At Scale In Pharma And Healthcare Companies

The Shift from Multichannel to Omnichannel Marketing in Healthcare

The last few years have seen an acceleration of digital engagement and its preference for use in HCPs and their patients. This has led to an increase in the importance of digital transformation across the healthcare sector. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are shifting from siloed multichannel marketing to adopting a coordinated intelligence-driven and customer-centric omnichannel approach at the centre of their strategy to garner significant rewards. 

Goodbye Multichannel Marketing

Many healthcare companies started their digital journey using multichannel marketing whereby more than one channel, such as websites and emails, is used with limited coordination, and often much of the same information is repeated. 

The multichannel approach presents significant gaps in Pharma’s customer engagement planning. Firstly, this siloed approach means there is insufficient coordination between functions and channels. Secondly, there is a critical gap between the strategy of the brand plans and the execution of cycle plans. Lastly, static plans seldom are updated outside of the annual review. This means that tremendous sales and marketing value is lost with efforts being duplicated and not optimally invested in.

Hello Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing presents the opportunity for Pharma companies to translate their strategy into truly impactful customer engagements through streamlined, personalised, and far better customer journeys.  

Using an omnichannel approach, channels no longer operate in a silo but are connected in a digital ecosystem. They create a single customer experience with personalised content and touchpoints for better engagement and improved customer relationships. 

The benefits of an omnichannel approach can include revenue uplift, increased sales and marketing efficiencies and cost savings, higher HCP satisfaction, and improved plan attainment. 

Omnichannel software collates intelligence and provides differentiated insights to guide commercial activities. By putting the customer at the centre of the strategy, healthcare companies can curate a customer experience and orchestrate channels and content to deliver their requirements.

Omnichannel Strategically Builds and Unfolds the Brand Story

With omnichannel marketing, the customer hears the relevant part of the brand strategy story from the function or channel they choose to interact with. That story is personally crafted to drive changes in customer thinking and behaviours to achieve the company’s strategic objective.

Omnichannel product planning is developed using a strategic framework that looks at the cross-functional brand team’s objectives and considers what is needed to achieve them. The right customers are targeted based on their needs, attitudes and behaviours, channel preferences, and economic value. Content including messages and assets are personalised. Resources are allocated to achieve the greatest impact. The right functions and the frequency of contact are planned within budget constraints. 

The omnichannel cycle plans involve balancing capacity and requirements and further adjusting to individual customer situations.

Stefanini’s End to End Omnichannel Solution – CEX360° Omnichannel CX Planning

We design the right solution for your needs and help you deliver it to the right audience.

Stefanini CEX360° Omnichannel CX Planning offers a step-by-step approach for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. It helps to simplify and translate brand plans into omnichannel customer experiences that are coordinated across functions and channels and further into optimal cycle plans.

Every customer interaction connects to the pharmaceutical’s strategic objectives. Customer content and channel preferences are taken into account so that the right messages go to the right person and they receive the optimal frequency of contact. The system also generates the action plans for each team function such as the sales teams. 

The Benefits of Omnichannel Transformation with Stefanini 

  • Maximises return on customer engagement efforts
  • Ensures the global strategy translates into an impactful omnichannel customer experiences
  • Creates clarity and visibility from above market level to the front line
  • Simplifies cross-function and channel coordination
  • Optimises and integrates campaign spending 
  • Drives learned efficiencies. 

Diversifying our Digital Health Portfolio 

We are delighted to add CEX360° Omnichannel CX Planning our healthcare-tailored omnichannel solution to our portfolio of digital health services. Other services include Clinical Trials, Patient Retention, Medical Helpdesk, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Clinical application Development, Data Analytics, ServiceNow Partnership, Cro Field Force IT Support, and Artificial Intelligence.

The time to act is now. Sign up for our latest webinar and learn more about Stefanini’s latest addition to its service portfolio.

Our Joint Ventures


We have implemented and adapted the software application for this German multinational science and technology company that has included project and change management.

“We are only beginning to use CEX360 and are excited to see its impact on our business. It is a well-designed tool and I am sure it can help us develop capability and introduce a more robust omnichannel planning process. Andrei and his team are awesome: very knowledgeable, super dedicated, and extremely pleasant to work with.” Tuan Nguyen, Global Omnichannel Excellence Lead at Merck KGaA


“I find CEX360 to be a very practical vehicle for Omnichannel transformation and capability development, as it allows us to build end-to-end integrated planning, transform customer experience and translate it into actionable plans. I like the fact that the solution allows us to start from the current planning reality, giving us the flexibility to adjust as our needs and capabilities evolve and become more sophisticated.” – Laurentiu Bogdan, Digital and IS Director @Servier Pharma

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