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SAP Environment's And Business Continuity Management For Pharmaceutical Sector

Client Description

A major Italian pharmaceutical company operating in the research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products sector.

The Client boasts a significant presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia: 6 main offices and 16 production sites. It is present in 140 countries.

Geographical area of ​​ support: EMEA/Russia.

Client Challenges

The Company was looking for a technology partner able to support it in the management of its SAP ecosystem and in the implementation of new technologies, paying particular attention to the areas of high reliability and Business Continuity. Solutions

A modulated proposal made it possible to offer the Client a series of interventions and proposals capable of covering all the requirements that they expressed.

The team provided ongoing support for the various rollouts related to the integration of the various countries into the SAP ecosystem.

Consolidated expertise made it possible to submit a series of improvement proposals regarding the SAP ecosystem in terms of security, standardization, application updating, uniformity and consolidation of the high reliability architecture.

The Results

High Availability & Business continuity

  • Production environments with clustered DB and ASCS components

ITSM & Change Management System

  • Centralized system integrated into the SAP ecosystem for ticketing management (Solution Manager Service desk)
    • Decrease of TCO for ticketing management
    • Support for technical problems relating to the management of change documents

Alerting & Monitoring

  • Automatic alerting of high-impact incidents
  • Decrease of incident resolution times
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