Information Security at Remote Work: A Current View of Vulnerabilities (in Spanish) - Stefanini

Information Security At Remote Work: A Current View Of Vulnerabilities (in Spanish)

Stefanini Rafael will show how to avoid eventual security incidents so that we prevent these threats from turning the current scenario into something even more complex.

In current times of crisis and with most employees working from home, it is very important to review and analyze information security vulnerabilities in remote work.

That is why in this webinar dedicated to Cybersecurity we will try to respond and address topics such as business areas most affected, digitization and automation of processes, cloud migrations and cyber-attacks on the dark web / Deep web

Some questions that you can address to your organization:

  • Is your security team ready for the era of cutting-edge cloud computing?
  • Is your company ready for a cyber-attack?
  • Why should companies and governments stop trying to protect their networks?

Join us for the Spanish Steftalks webinar on April 21 at 4 pm, to listen to Leidivino Natal (CEO Stefanini Rafael) and Marco Aurelio Peres who will chat and give us directions on how to deal with Information Security at remote work, a vision of vulnerabilities in the context of the current crisis.

We will discuss the culture of information security and data privacy, the techniques and ways to exploit these vulnerabilities where many of them are on the side of the user and their devices and how to combat them, as well as technical recommendations.

We also use apps every day to do our jobs. Some old and new. Multiple technologies. On multiple devices and multiple environments.

But are they safe? The fact is that for an application to be secure it is important to perform specific tasks.

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