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Stefanini Artificial Intelligence

Stefanini Artificial Intelligence (SAI) is the backbone of our innovative, industry-focused solutions.

SAI Platform

Maintain a competitive edge in the market and drive automation, personalization, and efficiency with Stefanini’s innovative, AI-embedded platform and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence As The Architect Of Tomorrow

Imagine a world where technology doesn’t just follow – it leads. Where artificial intelligence paves the path for new possibilities, fueling human potential to break every boundary. AI isn’t just code, it’s a catalyst of change, paving the path for innovation and empowering us to turn dreams into reality. ​

SAI Platforms


Leveraging intelligent automation and machine learning, Stefanini Artificial Intelligence is the key to next-generation application development, unlocking new possibilities for speed, security, and functionality.


From user authentication to threat detection and vulnerability management, Stefanini Artificial Intelligence supercharges cybersecurity, identifying and mitigating threats faster and more effectively than ever before.


Stefanini Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes workforce and enterprise services, automating tasks, providing insights, personalizing experiences, and helping organizations drive better business outcomes.


Stefanini Artificial Intelligence enhances and improves the interactions of bank customers, bringing humanization, hyper-personalization, convergence, and convenience, enabling banks to generate more business.


Maximize the efficiency of smart manufacturing with Stefanini Artificial Intelligence. Automate operational decisions, improve quality control, prevent downtime, and optimize production with AI enabled tools designed by industry experts.


Reach and influence target audiences, optimize campaigns, analyze trends, and improve engagement rates with martech fueled by Stefanini Artificial Intelligence.


Reach and influence target audiences, optimize campaigns, analyze trends, and improve engagement rates with martech fueled by Stefanini Artificial Intelligence.

See, Speak, Learn, Analyze: SAI Capabilities

Natural Language

Automate tasks and improve business processes with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • Generative AI
  • Virtual assistants for diverse industries
  • Sentiment and semantic analysis
  • Information retrieval and grouping
  • Voice enabled applications
  • Multilingual applications
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Data Science

Find a steady, reliable stream of insights to empower sound business decisions.

  • Data architecture and data lake implementation
  • Out-of-the-box and customized ML models for pattern recognition and predictive analysis
  • Data visualization tool and services
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Intelligent Automation

Integrate analytics, AI, and industry expertise to create Intelligent Automation solutions.

  • Autonomous vehicles for environment mapping and inventory management
  • Smart factories and manufacturing lines
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Computer Vision

Computer vision services for anomaly detection in production lines, image analysis, and more.

  • Transfer learning to create new models
  • Fault detection in equipment through imaging
  • Security reinforcement using video imaging
  • Document information extraction
  • Navigating systems for autonomous vehicles
  • Satellite image analysis
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Stefanini And Toyota Co-create Predictive Data Analytics Solution

Utilizing a co-created agile process, Stefanini partnered with Toyota to create a predictive and data analytics solution, enabling aggregation of data from different sources to effect timely business decisions.

predictive data analytics case study


Discover what Stefanini has achieved with AI.

Insights From Our Industry Experts

Fabio Caversan
Fabio Caversan
vice president of digital business and innovation at Stefanini
“As AI tools have become ingrained in every part of our business, we’ve seen the need for a  dedicated team for researching, testing and implementing AI solutions, Our team will focus on cutting-edge AI research as a whole, not just generative AI, creating practical applications of services and solutions designed for every industry and allowing our clients to reap the rewards.”


Can Agile And Artificial Intelligence Work Together?

Featuring some of our own experts, we tackle these topics and more in the first episode of our StefTalks Podcast!

Reimagine Your Business With Stefanini Artificial Intelligence

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