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Application Management Services – Path To Loyalty

The Application Management Services market is set to play an increasingly important role for businesses seeking to meet customer expectations and rise to the challenges posed by a fast-changing landscape.

Our upcoming webinar on 25th March at 5:00 CET , with Florin Ștefan, Applications Development Director at Stefanini EMEA, will explore how and why AMS is developing, what is driving its importance for business and why only a best practice AMS approach can realize truly transformative benefits.

Global AMS growth

The rapid growth of the global AMS market is forecasted to reach 55.87 Billion USD by 2026 according to a new study done by Reports and Data.

This growth is being driven by the demand for next-generation technology integration, coupled with the need to align legacy systems with evolving business structures.

Businesses are striving to adapt to the ever-changing demands of customers and adopt new processes and delivery models, such as continuous delivery and integration, to cope with new challenges. 

Best practice approach

Successfully realizing the full benefits of AMS to respond to new challenges requires a best practice approach that offers high business resilience.

Florin will outline the key to achieving this successfully, including the role a smart approach to AMS can play for businesses when it comes to their management of applications for employees and consumers. This includes, in the case of consumers, reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value, while, for internal applications, increasing user proficiency and employee satisfaction with their IT setup.

Equally importantly, Florin will explore how AMS is reducing operational costs and enabling internal client teams to focus on new value streams.

Over the course of 45 minutes, Florin will outline the key components of this best practice AMS approach, including labor arbitrage, process optimization, workforce optimization, demand rationalization, continuous improvement and continuous investment.

Converting this into business results relies on clear service level agreements and aligning AMS operations with the overall corporate strategy, while measuring the impact AMS has in achieving this strategy.

Our webinar will breakdown all of the key considerations involved in making this a reality, from design thinking and analytics to digital marketing, product management and cybersecurity.

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