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Cloud Enablement

Cloud adoption and modernization services that help your business leverage the latest technology.

Ensuring Effectiveness And Efficiency Of The Cloud

Cloud enablement is the process of analyzing an organization’s existing IT landscape. Through cloud enablement there is architecting, deploying, and operating a portion of or its entire in-house IT infrastructure, software, and resources to either a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

In other words, cloud enablement is the process of building a highly effective cloud environment to host IT infrastructure and resources. This includes software, applications, and workloads. Cloud enablement is done when organizations create resources for the cloud or when organizations shift on-premises resources to the cloud to improve performance and reduce costs. This is achieved by following a cloud strategy, which defines the functionality of the cloud, architecture, development process, and governance model.

What Is Cloud? Learn More In The WhatSphere

What is cloud technology? We offer a simple answer in this short video.

Why Do You Need Cloud? Learn More In The Whysphere

Why do you need Cloud? Learn more in the Whysphere

Cloud Anywhere

The way we do business is changing. And being agile, responsive, and adaptable is no longer a goal, but a requirement.

Across Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS), And Software As A Service (SaaS), We Will Work With Your Unique Business Needs.

Cloud Strategy

Design cloud architecture, development plans, governance models, and strategies to ensure the effective performance of infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

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Design and enact a migration strategy to bring your organization’s storage and infrastructure from existing legacy systems into a distributed cloud environment.

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Architecture & Cloud Native Development

Deliver recognizable business value through agile development processes to enable scalable applications in dynamic cloud environments. 

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Governance - Service Management

We enable enhanced data security, risk management, and smooth operations through our cloud governance service management.

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Accelerate Your Journey


Our TotalCare for Salesforce offer fills a gap by providing ongoing administrative support, incident response, enhancements, custom development, integration and strategic planning.


Through our low-cost delivery centers, we can help your business obtain global scale, reliability and reduced operational costs with customized Azure Platform-as-a-Service applications in Microsoft’s native Azure environment.


With worldwide support in 35 languages from our 17 global delivery centers, we can assist your business with cloud adoption in SharePoint while helping you gain agility in the digital era.

Our Cloud Enablement Success Stories


Since partnering with Suzuki Romania, Stefanini Infinit has strategically assisted with the brand’s growth by covering strategy, digital transformation, creative services, media, and BTL.


Through a co-created agile process, we partnered with Toyota to create an effective predictive and data analytics solution, which is able to aggregate data from different sources to effect timely business decisions.


Creating automatic data collection and storage required the development of specific solutions that could communicate with existing plant equipment.

A Closer Look: Digital Banking Reimagined In The Cloud

Application modernization is the most commonly identified priority for end-user cloud adoption in banking and investment services this year.

In fact, 59 percent of consumers have higher expectations for customer service than they did a year ago. For this reason, financial institutions need to deploy modern technology to deliver improved customer experiences in real time and at a lower cost.

For many institutions, the crucial need to meet expectations is difficult to achieve, as it requires both the collection and processing of multiple data sources and the modernization of outdated operating models and legacy systems.

With more than 35 years of industry experience serving clients in retail banking, wholesale banking, investment banking and more, the Stefanini Group is here to meet your institution’s unique needs.

From compliance and risk to application migration, our cross-functional teams will help you meet your goals and transform your organization into one that is adaptable, efficient, and using the cloud to its full capacity.

Learn more about our comprehensive solution offerings for banking and financial services here.

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