Security everywhere:

Managing new cyber risks

A new threat landscape means a new proactive approach to guarding against cybersecurity risks is required. This involves partnering with experts who understand the nature of the threat, the most effective ways to minimize the number of successful cyberattacks against their business and the potential harm in the instance of an attack.

That’s where Stefanini comes in, providing the strongest possible security offering by combining leading expertise with the very latest solutions. 

Our global ecosystem of world-class partners sets benchmarks in innovation and enables our clients to build cyber resilience across the world.



This proactive approach to cybersecurity includes penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, with our ethical hackers identifying weak spots in your IT infrastructure and patching these before they are discovered by malicious actors. 

We help clients identify and test their IT infrastructure by simulating controlled cyberattacks in order to detect potential vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit.

We employ our proprietary testing methodology and tools, alongside commercial enterprise-grade tools, with an emphasis on quality and accuracy.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • IT Security Auditing

Security Operations Center

Our SOC Services combines expert resources and specialized tools to assist with detailed investigations, root cause analysis, complex threat hunting, and eradication of threats. 

  • Security Event Monitoring
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Advanced SOC Services (malware analysis, vulnerability intelligence, IoC extraction)

We provide incident monitoring and response capabilities, supporting customers to identify and mitigate cyber security incidents.

We operate a network of Security Operations Centers across LATAM, Europe and APAC.

Our EMEA SOC, located in Bucharest, Romania, provides 24/7 managed security services to global clients in multiple continents.

Our services can accommodate almost all security processes and tools already deployed by our customers. We are technology agnostic, even working alongside other cybersecurity services providers to ensure our clients’ resilience.

Managed Security Operations

Our Managed Security Operations involve managing and implementing security solutions across your business, including blocking malware, conducting malware analysis, and offering e-mail security and anti-phishing solutions. We also provide data loss prevention (DLP), ensuring sensitive data doesn’t leave your network, identity management (IAM), to manage the identity and access rights of employees, and security information and event management (SIEM), offering real-time analysis of security alerts.

Our managed security services cover 24/7 security alerts monitoring, KPI and key risk indicator (KRI) monitoring. We perform incident response workflows based on preset playbooks and ad-hoc investigations. We also run cybersecurity routine checks and handle exception events.

  • Security Platform Management
    • Antimalware/EDR/XDR
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • E-mail security & anti-phishing
    • Identity Management (IAM & PAM)

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Advisory
  • Staff Augmentation

Threat Intelligence

Our leading Threat Intelligence team gathers and analyzes data on existing and emerging threats to provide actionable strategies that guard against risks and fix vulnerabilities. This includes deep & dark web monitoring, brand abuse detection, digital risk monitoring, data leak discovery, and assisted takedown for offending websites (e.g. legal actions – DMCA/copyright claims, other notifications to ISPs and hosting providers).

We proactively scout Deep & Dark web, social media and many other information channels, like Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to identify data breaches, perform malware analysis, spot credential leaks and brand/reputation risk events.

  • Deep & Dark Web monitoring
  • Brand Abuse detection
  • Digital Risk monitoring
  • Data Leak discovery 
  • Assisted takedown 


Ensures that application and infrastructure security is considered from the beginning of the development process. Our application security offering includes security code review, Static & Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST), which identifies vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle, and Developer AppSec Training (DAST), which identifies vulnerabilities later in the development cycle, involving testing on a running application.

Enhancing software security practices in our clients’ environments by adding security components across the Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) – scanning their source code for vulnerabilities, testing the final products, implementing secure coding practices and more

  • Security code reviews
  • SDLC security process optimizations
  • Static & Dynamic Application Security Testing – SAST, DAST
  • Developer AppSec Training

Cybersecurity Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

We ensure your business is secure and compliant with security legislation through advanced risk assessments, and maturity assessments, benchmarking your cybersecurity processes. We also consult on cybersecurity standards compliance, enabling you to improve your policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • Advanced risk assessments
  • Maturity assessments
  • Strategy definition
  • Cybersecurity Standards compliance consulting
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines framework improvement

Operational Technology (OT & IoT) Security


Our Operational Technology solutions defend computing systems that are used to manage industrial operations. We provide context-aware security for both Operational Technology and Internet of Things technology, using Supervisory Control and Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and respond to incidents.


Security services -bringing context-aware cybersecurity in the OT space, enabling cyber visibility across IT and OT environments. 

  • Use of specialized OT vulnerability tools and processes
  • Full vulnerability lifecycle

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