[Steftalks Webinar] Improve Manufacturing Performance with Digital Thinking! - Stefanini

[Steftalks Webinar] Improve Manufacturing Performance With Digital Thinking!

Our latest StefTalks Solutions will help you transform your business by taking advantage of smart manufacturing solutions.

There is no magic wand! Business transformation requires hard work and investment. On the other hand, forget about your five-year plans! Things are changing fast, so the market requires shorter cycles of evaluation, investment and improvement. In our latest StefTalks Solutions, “Applying Digital Thinking for Better Manufacturing Performance” our speakers will dive into these concepts and more.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart factories today require more than robots and automation. Disruptive technologies like IoT transformed manufacturing for the modern industrial revolution. Now smart manufactures must capitalize on their IoT data for process insight and prescriptive analytics. And there’s no better time to leverage them for productivity and profitability.

Manufacturers face a multitude of balancing acts: produce more while spending less, create customized products but use standard processes, reduce technology debt while reducing time to market. Finding this balance is challenging.

Integrate Information Technology (IT) with Operational Technology (OT) to remotely monitor your manufacturing process. Manufacturing technologies and sensors improve your complicated logistics, tracking your supply chain or vehicle fleet to uncover slowdowns and cost savings. Implement industrial IoT (Internet of Things) services to monitor and gather data. More importantly, implement solutions for analytics to provide actionable insights.

Big data analytics allows us to recognize when a failure is coming so you can take advantage of predictive maintenance. This prolongs the lifespan of high-value assets, and instead of a plant stoppage, you can stay at full speed. More than predictive analytics, integrate prescriptive tools so these assets can heal themselves.

Technologies that can optimize your production processes include artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and cloud software. AI can advise on new processes, and digital twin technology can allow you to test and retest those processes before implementation. You can now program the factory line to adjust for customization quickly and easily.

The Webinar

Stefanini developed a structured and flexible methodology that was created, exercised and matured over the past few decades with multiple projects delivered in the industrial space. The target is to improve business and process results, so the vision takes place over the long-term plans. Manufacturing requires reliable solutions.

This webinar discusses how to balance that need with the adoption of creative solutions. It is already a given that business performance is the main goal. We will show how digital solutions take hold of this goal and achieve it. Featuring Leonardo Vieira, Stefanini Digital Industry Director and Matt Cunningham, Business Development Manager, “Applying Digital Thinking for Better Manufacturing Performance” this will be a talk that those in manufacturing will not want to miss!

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