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TAP! Grocery Retail In The Time Of Covid-19

Coronavirus has clearly transformed society and imposed unprecedented challenges on businesses across all sectors.

Grocery retail is among the industries facing a particularly stark challenge as a result of the pandemic, with the sector’s ability to adjust and respond vital to ensuring shoppers don’t turn to panic buying and everyone is able to get the food and essential supplies that they need.

Join us at 10 am CEST on 29th April for our latest Steftalks webinar, where Bogdan Galusca, Mihail Mitru from Stefanini and Alexandru Cernatescu from Stefanini Infinit will outline a new solution Stefanini has developed, alongside Stefanini Infinit and the retail software business Extenda Retail, to help grocery retailers continue to meet the needs of customers during the pandemic.

The solution involves standard prepackaged grocery baskets that can be ordered as part of monthly subscription and delivered contact-free.

For consumers, this solution offers peace of mind, avoiding the need to panic buy or to risk infection by visiting stores. Meanwhile, for grocery stores, it offers predictability, enabling stores to optimize their supply chains and warehouse space. It also offers grocery stores the chance to grow their business by reaching new shoppers and the opportunity to better understand customer requirements.

Our speakers will explain how the solution works in practice and key considerations for retailers looking to respond smartly to the difficulties caused by the pandemic. This will include:

  • How to powerfully generate word-of-mouth and build a connection with local communities.
  • How to best meet the needs of elderly shoppers during the pandemic.
  • How to encourage consumers to also play their part in ensuring everyone gets the food and essential supplies they need – and to be flexible when it comes to delivery times.  
  • The process to introducing a new solution – from set-up and marketing to communications channels and analytics.
  • Key considerations when creating pre-packaged baskets for shoppers.

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