Smart Offers For Industries

Smart Offers For Industries

We leverage our vast integrator experience and that of our ventures through a multi-modal approach that allows us to maintain highly specialized units that are constantly in touch with their industries. Let's take this partnership further! Schedule a demo/brainstorming session, or have a deep dive with our Solutions Expert.

Smart Offers For Different Industry Needs

As a global company with 35+ years of experience as a managed service provider, we offer a broad range of industry expertise including retail, financial services, manufacturing automotive, healthcare and life sciences, education, and more. Partner with us and see how a commitment to innovation and advanced technologies can revolutionize your business and bring you a competitive edge in your market sector.


With solutions rooted in the IoT and AI, we improve the digital store experience with optimized customer service solutions, personalization and seamless payments.

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Implementing design thinking, innovation frameworks, and autonomous decision-making, Stefanini makes intelligent automation a reality for your industrial enterprise.

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Whether you’re in need of business digital assessment, strategy, designing, implementation or your operation, we’ll help you create an integrated automotive organization runs better and faster.

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Consumer Goods

Build responsive, transparent supply chain networks that enable flexible forecasting and resilient delivery, bringing greater customer satisfaction and strategies for managing disruption.

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Digital Banking And Finance

Take an omnichannel approach and provide customers with seamless interactions between their physical and digital banking experiences, meeting them when and where they need.

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Deliver personalized learning experiences and better student engagement by enabling intuitive digital platforms with new technologies and features customized for each student.

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Stefanini provides 10 technology solutions using our co-creation framework that connects you with the precise technologies to address transformation roadblocks and enable business success.

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