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Turbocharging Your Sap Platforms Through The Power Of AI

Rapid growth and the rise of artificial intelligence has provided the path to the Enterprise Digital Assistant. By integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) with conversational AI it is possible to take smarter decisions more quickly and carry out both simple and complex business processes.

Businesses of all sizes face challenges when growing rapidly, including reaching challenging targets while working with constrained resources, both in terms of manpower and finances.

Now, Stefanini is also making its popular AI digital assistant, Sophie, ready for enterprise.

Growing companies can utilize the power of intelligent digital assistants like Sophie to boost their businesses and improve their operations.

Sophie is an intelligent Enterprise Digital Assistant embedded with artificial intelligence capabilities. She can easily automate complex processes, monitor systems, provide active assistance, make intelligent business decisions and provide business insights and predictions. She can also automate ordinary tasks and provide suggestions based on user role. Sophie can be integrated with ERP to carry out business processes in a way that improves the employee and customer experience.

Master data maintenance is a good example of what can be achieved when integrating Sophie with ERP.

When expanding your business by investing in making it digital and intelligent, the master data load doesn’t always receive the required attention, which can delay rapid growth. Even when using SAP standard applications to load master data, this takes time and constant attention from a business. As a result, master data load delay can become a real problem and can hinder digital transformation.

Sophie, an enterprise digital assistant can help here. For instance, it’s possible to open Sophie and attach a master data Excel file, prompting Sophie to automatically determine the Excel values, upload the content to the business partner tables and alert the user on completion. 

Essentially, Sophie should be viewed as one of your intelligent and talented employees, helping to automate repetitive tasks, improve your operational efficiency and increase your performance by allowing your other employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

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