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SophieX – The Generative AI Assistant

Everything in the world is connected. Business complexity is multiplying and enterprises turn to technology to keep up with dynamic changes in the marketplace. As the world’s premiere virtual assistant, Sophie helps overcome challenges by delivering integration and experiences within your business and for your customers.

Meet SophieX - AI Assistance For Consumers, Businesses And Workplaces

SophieX is fluent in over 60 languages. She provides real-time translation, making cross-cultural communication touble-free.

Business Challenges

Imagine a world without language barriers, cumbersome searches for information, and roadblocks to resolving customer requests.  With SophieX, these dreams can be a reality.

Overcome challenges and break down barriers in business with SophieX, the first generative AI assistant with voice.

SophieX addresses common challenges like:

  • How can I improve customer experiences in my call center?
  • How can I make my customer call center more efficient?
  • What is the best way to collect and analyze data to extract meaningful insights and make predictions?
  • Is there a way to accelerate the research and development process?
  • How can I better understand my customers’ preferences and offer them personalized experiences?
  • What can I do to simplify employees’ day so they can focus on higher-value activities?


SophieX Is A Customizable, Generative AI Tool That Delivers Improved Employee And Customer Experiences. She Uses Cutting-edge AI And LLM Technology To Create A Super-charged Virtual Assistant.

Customer Relations Assistant

Customers have their routine questions answered and site visitors find what they need. Furthermore, SophieX functions as sales floor assistant, helping employees serve in-person customers more effectively.

Call Center

Advanced call center capabilities route callers to the right place, saving customers time by allowing them to handle routine tasks easily. If a customer has a more complex issue, she guides customers to the appropriate department. Moreover, SophieX is fluent in over 60 languages, making cross-cultural communication hassle-free.

Routine Account Service

Customers can find account information they need, like payment information, balance inquiries, and documentation requests.

Feedback And Continuous Improvement

Over time, SophieX learns more about customers’ preferences, providing tailored suggestions and optimizations.

Personalized Shopping

Individualized experiences are essential to keeping customers engaged. Customers can check on prior purchases, find recommendations for new products and services and provide information so customers find what they want, when they want it.

Meet SophieX: The Adaptable AI Assistant

As a virtual assistant with natural language capabilities, SophieX enhances user experiences with human-like interactions while continuously learning and growing her knowledge base.

The Leading Employee Experience Tool: Leveraging The Transformational Power Of AI

Cutting-edge Technology – Leverage recent innovations in speech, transcription, translation, and LLM technologies to continue to evolve the end-user support model.

Service Desk – SophieX streamlines internal processes. She functions as an IT service desk assistant, performing tasks like password resets and account unlocks, offering multilingual support, multiple interface access points, troubleshooting, and more.

Agent Skill Optimization – Capitalize on service desk agent skillset by focusing their efforts on more complex steps requiring experience to analyze and troubleshoot while enabling them to work on multiple calls at once, offering significant savings.

LLM-Powered Knowledge Base Search – LLM-powered search of knowledgebase, SharePoint, and other trusted data sources

Automation of Common Tasks – Automate repetitive employee functions, like data entry, email filtering, and schedule management. These capabilities reduce manual work by enabling employees to focus on value-added activities.

Clear Articulation and Transcription – Clear articulation and transcription with voice-to-text and text-to-voice technology.

Data Analysis – For tasks that involve analyzing large datasets, SophieX quickly generates insights, creates reports, and predicts trends, helping decision-makers with accurate and timely information.

Workflow Optimization – By analyzing work patterns, SophieX suggests more efficient ways of doing tasks and can re-route tasks in real time to ensure they’re being handled by the most appropriate person or team.

SophieX is customizable for any organization in any industry.

Every implemented SophieX solution is created to reflect each brand persona in name and appearance.

AI Features That Simplify Every Business Scenario

As a virtual assistant with natural language capabilities, Sophie enhances user experiences with human-like interaction while continuously learning and improving support.

Sophie Introduces SAI

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In partnership with Stefanini Scala, a digital tool was made to allow students to ask questions at any time of day, wherever they are.

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More than 150 thousand users benefit from resolving internal issues, queries and hundreds of other transactions.

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