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Sophie Virtual Assistant

Everything in the world is connected. Business complexity is multiplying and enterprises turn to technology to keep up with dynamic changes in the marketplace. As the world’s premiere virtual assistant, Sophie helps overcome challenges by delivering integration and experiences within your business and for your customers.

Meet Sophie - AI Assistance For Consumers, Businesses And Workplaces

AI Features That Simplify Every Business Scenario


The world’s premiere omni-channel virtual assistant

As a portion of the natural language processing capability of SAI, our Stefanini Artificial Intelligence suite, Sophie is based on cognitive computing with a focus on self-adaptation and both interactive and contextual automation—enabling her to achieve self-learning and human-like interaction.

Whatever Your Automation Needs Are, Sophie Is Ready To Learn, Enhance, And Grow Your Processes To Provide Optimal Solutions.

Consumer Assistant

Sophie is a virtual assistant, enabling a customer to interact with your products and brand across multiple platforms and channels.

Business Assistant

Sophie can integrate with most business platforms and enterprise applications to create an end-to-end single-screen user experience.

Workplace Assistant

As your workplace assistant, Sophie can assist users in triggering workflow, auto-escalation, automating tasks, and training.

SAI - Stefanini Artificial Intelligence

While Sophie serves as our virtual assistant, SAI can be leveraged for automations and solutions that use spoken or written human language.

Cognitive Solution For Digital Transformation

Our technology enablers provide disruptive innovations that create exponential growth for your business, whether integrated or not.

AI Features That Simplify Every Business Scenario

As a virtual assistant with natural language capabilities, Sophie enhances user experiences with human-like interaction while continuously learning and improving support.

Sophie’s Story

Sophie Introduces SAI

Success Stories

Student Support For DeVry

Our AI platform Sophie now provides automated support for troubleshooting, FAQs, and How-To guides.

Saint Paul Innovates With “24-Hour Professor"

In partnership with Stefanini Scala, a digital tool was made to allow students to ask questions at any time of day, wherever they are.

Largest Cognitive Customer Service Project Ever In Brazil

More than 150 thousand users benefit from resolving internal issues, queries and hundreds of other transactions.

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