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Elevating Technology Together: Stefanini And PZ Cussons Partnership

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology and business operations, effective service management is crucial. This necessity became a catalyst for the partnership between Stefanini, a global technology company, and PZ Cussons, a multinational consumer goods company. The collaboration has resulted in the successful implementation of a new Service Desk and Service Management function at PZ Cussons, marking a significant enhancement in their operational capabilities and end-user experience.

Choosing Stefanini

PZ Cussons was particularly impressed by Stefanini’s flexibility and capability in providing tailored solutions that matched their requirements. The tendering process reveonaled Stefanini’s energetic and diverse team, whose proposed solutions aligned well with PZ Cussons’ organizational culture and goals.

Understanding PZ Cussons’ Needs

Stefanini’s team took the time to understand PZ Cussons’ specific needs and requirements. The co-creation workshops were instrumental in this process, providing a platform to listen to PZ Cussons’ team and understand their pain points. This collaborative approach ensured that the solutions developed were not only technically sound but also aligned with the real-world needs of the users.

Building a Unified Team

One of the primary goals of the partnership was to create a unified team that integrated Stefanini’s expertise with PZ Cussons’ internal capabilities. “We wanted to build one team across both Stefanini and PZ Cussons,” says David Bonner, Global Service Delivery Manager, PZ Cussons. This integration has been successful, with both companies working together to support common goals. Over the last year, this collaboration has fostered a sense of partnership, mutual respect, and a unified team spirit.

Delivering Results

The partnership has delivered tangible benefits, particularly in terms of user satisfaction. “Stefanini is at the heart of your team,” says Monika Zak, Service Manager DWS, Stefanini EMEA. Improvements in response times, more effective issue resolution, and better communication and governance have been key outcomes. These enhancements have increased engagement across PZ Cussons, demonstrating the effectiveness of the collaborative approach.

A Promising Future

Looking ahead, both parties are optimistic about the future of their partnership. “It’s important to have discussions and challenge each other to be better,” says Anthony Lally, Global Vendor Manager, PZ Cussons. The importance of allowing the team space to develop and work collaboratively was emphasized, aiming to deliver more effective solutions that drive growth for both organizations. The mutual commitment to continuous improvement and innovation bodes well for the future of service management at PZ Cussons.

The partnership between Stefanini and PZ Cussons stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, flexibility, and shared goals in elevating technology services. The journey so far has been marked by significant achievements, and the foundation has been laid for continued success and innovation in the years to come.

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