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Succeeding As A Family Business – Noah Monger Joins Stefanini EMEA

Stefanini is a family business in many senses of the word. In the literal sense, founder Marco Stefanini’s wife, Graca, and sons, Guilherme and Rodrigo, play an active role in the business. More figuratively, the company succeeds thanks to the family feel of its approach, which involves tight-knit teams collaborating closely across the globe.

Family businesses – in the literal sense – are also an important part of the German economy, with Stefanini partnering with many of these organizations in the country to make the unthinkable possible.

Stefanini’s family focus in Germany was also recently underlined when Noah Monger, son of Stefanini’s Business Development Director, Nick Monger, joined the company to provide clients with service desk support.

Nick is based in Cologne, in the west of Germany, and has spent more than two decades at Stefanini. During this time, he has seen the business retain its family roots, despite growing to a company with 70 offices in more than 40 countries.

It’s an approach that Nick believes has shaped Stefanini’s offering as an employer and solutions provider, with its family ethos extending to the longstanding relationship it builds with clients, who become true partners.

“We call our clients ‘partners’ because of the collaborative way in which we work together – Stefanini’s approach involves co-creation and relationships that last,” explains Nick.

This commitment to longstanding relationships that deliver real results is self-evidently beneficial for client partners, but it also makes Stefanini a better place to work for employees, who are motivated by the opportunity to see their efforts translate to real-world results.

Noah explains: “I’ve felt a real sense of pride since joining Stefanini. We’re encouraged to show entrepreneurial spirit and given the autonomy to make a difference to clients – it creates a win-win situation where we produce better results for clients while feeling more motivated in our roles.”

Co-creation is Key

Stefanini’s family ethos informs a unique co-creation approach. This involves listening to clients’ requirements and evaluating these fully before designing bespoke solutions that solve their unique challenges.

This has resulted in Stefanini achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +66, which is significantly above the average of +32.

“It’s really motivating to hear that our clients would recommend our services. Stefanini has been an amazing environment to begin my career and learn the contribution that close collaboration and IT support can make to supporting businesses in realizing their ambitions,” says Noah.

“It’s been a novel experience to experiencing a family business in the literal sense, while also a real privilege to see how that term applies to the sense of team spirit that exists at Stefanini,” concludes Noah.

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