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Revamping End-User Computing Services By Incorporating Digital Tools

We are investing in revamping our end-user computing services, incorporating digital tools specially made to help companies navigate through digital challenges. The new portfolio includes new solutions from service desk and field service to asset management and device as a service, ensuring that IT capabilities enhance each client’s business in an age when new technologies emerge every day.

“When everything is defined by digital transformation, it’s important to provide tools molded to specific requirements and aligned with a digitally transformed world,” said Scott Kessler, Vice President of Workplace & Enterprise Services at Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific. “Our next-generation end-user computing support services center on ITIL best practices and ensure consistent results every time.”

With the all-in-one Visionary Platform, we enable a live look at a business’ digital future through innovative tech tools and solutions like cognitive computing, integrated ops management, workplace collaboration, automated insight and analytics, IT service management, unified communications, process automation, workplace automation, customer experience and Internet of Things.

Present in 40 countries, we have the expertise to deliver solutions globally while also maintaining customer centricity. Through the implementation of the cognitive intelligence platform, Sophie, the company can provide automation for various user requests and over 1,000 IT tasks, helping its clients to achieve cost and time reductions. “Having the expertise to deliver our solutions globally—while also keeping a strong focus on individualized experiences—is what makes Stefanini the right fit for ensuring workplace services reach the highest level of performance and efficiency,” said Mr. Kessler.

Field Services and Service Desk Support for Customers Around the World

Recognized as a global leader in providing field services and service desk support to customers around the world, we leverage an automation platform focused on maximizing the end-user journey,  delivering cost savings and efficiencies. Our service desk has onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery centers, with a dedicated, shared or blended model. “We offer recruiting, training and performance management to identify the right people for the job and consistently follow up to ensure continued success for the services we provide your business. Our end-to-end service management approach and best practices comprise a framework for superior end-user and IT interactions,” affirmed Mr. Kessler.

Through a tailored combination of services, standard and specialized, our portfolio is able to answer clients’ particular needs. The offer includes plant support, retail, on-call support, VIP support, digital café and automated equipment distribution, focusing on process improvement, problem avoidance, user education and a shift-left on problem resolution.

Several of the highlights of the service desk offers include:

Entails customer experience audits, quality issue notifications, corrective and preventative action, metric analytics for team and individual, customer satisfaction feedback, performance scorecard and performance improvement plan.

Evaluate and improve knowledge through initiating a knowledge process, knowledge authoring, service desk review, client review and publishing/retiring knowledge.

Conduct a bi-annual business review and quarterly leadership business review. Regional business units globally conduct a monthly operational review, operational regional alignment and change advisory board, as well as a daily delivery touchpoint.

Provide a seamless transition through minimizing business disruptions; providing cost optimization and a standardized, globalized service model; and creating partnerships and culture integration.

  • CSI

The Command Center provides Subject Matter Expert-level leadership to programs via data-driven decision making, real-time monitoring, dashboards and analytics.

Aim to achieve SLA and service stability as fast as possible with consistent quality and performance, through a dedicated SME team in place for monitoring.

The AI agent, Sophie, is based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus in self-adaptation, interactive and contextual automation that enables self-learning, human-like interactions and self-healing automation capabilities; she can assist with tasks such as triggering workflow, auto escalation, presenting knowledge to users and many more.

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