We're Partnering with FintechOS to Accelerate Banking Digital Transformation - Stefanini

We're Partnering With FintechOS To Accelerate Banking Digital Transformation

Our colleagues at Stefanini Romania teamed up with FintechOS, a company that develops technology for the financial and banking industry, to offer banks an efficient solution to accelerate the process of digitizing customer interaction, especially in lending and onboarding.

The management and support practices, as well as the valuable experience that our team has gained by serving banks and top insurers, complement the advantages of the innovative FintechOS technology. The result is a valuable asset for financial institutions that want to retain and attract customers who are in search of quick access to customized banking services.

The partnership on the Romanian market started last year and aims to expand to other countries. Joint teams are already engaged in concrete initiatives of services development and delivery. The offer is currently focused on integrating digital onboarding and lending solutions into banks’ IT systems. The Stefanini-FintechOS joint teams also explore the design of complete financial services solutions with the global Stefanini ecosystem.

“Through this partnership, we aim to expand the projects and services portfolio for the banking and financial sector in different markets and, at the same time, increase our revenues from this industry by 20%, at European level,” says Răzvan Țapu, our Chief Digital Officer for EMEA. “We currently work with banks in the Top 10, with leaders on the insurance market and with the main meal tickets providers in Romania, together with our new digital marketing joint venture, Stefanini Infinit. At European level, we are also already serving several financial institutions. But our aim is to become the important pillar for the banking financial industry on this continent that we are in South America.”

Globally, 25% of our revenues come from services for the banking and financial field, while in Brazil, more than 7000 of our colleagues work for this industry, on digitization projects.

Todi Pruteanu, Ecosystems Development and Sales Director at FintechOS says: “FintechOS is expanding at an accelerated rate, with an annual growth of 450% in 2019. Our relevant collaborations and strategic partnerships are important for the further development and value proposition of our ecosystem. Together with Stefanini, we will expand our presence in new strategic markets in Europe and globally. We will also demonstrate the versatility of FintechOS’ technology as we will jointly design new offerings through this partnership”.

The key markets we are targeting through this partnership are Romania, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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