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Stefanini Group Names Natalia Chiritescu Digital Solution Center Director For EMEA

Bucharest, April 27th 2023: Stefanini Group, a global tech multinational that assists customers in their digital transformation, recruited Natalia Chirițescu, a specialist with over 25 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sectors, as Digital Solution Center Director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Natalia Chirițescu has worked for 16 years in the management team of Vodafone Romania, as well as on a regional level for the telecom operator.

Natalia Chirițescu will manage the Stefanini Innovation Center, Presales and Transition, as part of the global management team. She will lead the EMEA Innovation Center, a multidisciplinary team combining business expertise with design, software engineering, cyber security, and analytics to support customers’ digital transformation journeys.

Natalia will coordinate a team of 60 people and will report to Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA.

Natalia Chirițescu began her career as a software developer in 1995, moving on to management, product and business development, strategic transformation, sales, and finance. Natalia worked for 16 years at Vodafone in management roles for various departments on a national and global level, such as Presales and Strategic Transformation Director at Vodafone Romania, Director Eastern Europe and Country Director at Vodafone Global Entreprise, as well as Director Medium & Large Entreprises within Vodafone Business.

“I’ve always liked to see how technology can transform our world. But nowadays, it sparks exponential change, triggering massive disruption and enormous opportunities. Companies need a reliable partner to harness the power of technology, be it Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, or the Internet of Things, to stay competitive and relevant to their customers. Stefanini brings the vision, skills, and a culture of innovation effervescence to guide companies in their digital transformation journey with a human-centered design”, says Natalia Chirițescu, Digital Solution Center Director EMEA at Stefanini EMEA..

“The Digital Solution Center Director role focuses on aligning new technology with clients’ specific business objectives and translating innovative ideas into real-world business solutions. Natalia has a long experience in business and technology; it is a great advantage for us to have her on our team”, said Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA.

Stefanini Group is present in 41 countries, where it offers software solutions such as Automation, Cloud, IoT, or User Experience for over 1.000 clients from various industries, such as retail, automotive, production, or finance. 

In EMEA, some of the most important operations of Stefanini Group are done in Romania, with approximately 1500 employees out of the region’s 2.725 working in the country by the half of March 2023.

In Romania, Stefanini delivers Application Development and Maintenance, Cyber Security, M365 Platform, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, and Remote Technical Support. On the local market, the company recruits people with a wide range of IT experience, from juniors to architects.

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