Steftalks: How Can We Adapt to the Changes COVID-19 Will Bring to the Society and Business Environments

April 07, 2020 by Giuliana Veronese & Razvan Tapu

Never in recent history has society been transformed as extensively as it has done under influence of COVID-19, which introduces an economic downturn combined with urgent necessary transformations at a everyone’s behavioral level.


Razvan Tapu

Chief Digital Officer Stefanini EMEA

Giuliana Veronese

Chief of Digital Solution Center Stefanini EMEA

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This phenomenon of forced urgent changes is new to all; but from a leader's view we must set aside the fear of the unknown and promptly act responsibly and cautiously to help society, our employees and our clients enduring these particular times.

Technological areas will become one of the most transforming areas. AI, Bots, Communications Platforms, Mobile, Cloud and Infrastructure technologies offer unimaginable opportunities, helping our employees to stay safe, driving growth, safeguarding people’s lives and introducing efficiencies to many areas including health services, transportation, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and public administration. The creation of a digital society, which has been accelerated by the social distancing caused by the pandemic, is here to stay for the longer term. As a result, business survival will depend on adapting within an aggressive timeframe to the new reality.

Join us on Wednesday  Apr 8, 2020  at 10:00 AM to hear from Giuliana Veronese our Chief of Digital Solution Center, who will present an overview of the changes the pandemic is bringing to all the areas of our lives, including how we work, study, shop, get medical care and entertain ourselves. We will also be joined by Razvan Tapu, our Chief Digital Officer, who will outline smart ways of responding to the challenging circumstances in order to thrive as a business and share general guidelines to follow within a downturn. “Smooth waters never made a skilled sailor” they say and we strongly believe that together we can LEARN, INNOVATE, and IMPROVE even in uncertain times

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