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Steftalks Webinar: It’s All About AI!

AI is no longer a much-anticipated technology of the future. In our latest webinar, learn more about AI’s potential, both in relation to COVID and beyond.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a much-anticipated technology of the future. Rather, sci-fi has become a reality, with AI functioning as everything from chatbots to gathering data to create a more customer-centric e-commerce experience. When it comes to our current situation with coronavirus, AI has stepped up to the plate, helping us accomplish things like social distancing. But how else has AI been a part of our lives?

All about AI

AI is already part of our lives. From using machine learning to analyze traffic patterns to spam filters in email, AI surfaces every day in a number of surprising ways. When it comes to coronavirus, AI has been deployed to help stem the spread virus and also analyze how it’s being transferred. For instance, when coronavirus was still localized to Wuhan, AI systems were thought to be among the first to detect the outbreak. Some have thought that HealthMap, which is affiliated with the Boston Children’s Hospital and is an AI-driven system, picked up the growing cluster of unexplained pneumonia cases before human researchers. Though it only ranked the outbreak’s seriousness as “medium,” it was able to identify the earliest signs of the outbreak by mining in Chinese language and local news media like WeChat and Weibo. This data has been made public and available to scientists and researchers searching for links between the disease and certain populations, including containment measures. This data is then combined with data on human movements to see how population mobility and control measures affected the spread of the virus in China. To this day, HealthMap continues to track the spread of coronavirus throughout the outbreak by visualizing its spread across the world by time and location.

Further, AI is putting new norms in place for us. Coronavirus has forced a sudden economic shift from physical to digital. If they haven’t been already, companies can use data analytics and other digital tools powered by AI to strengthen business resilience, customer relationships, technology systems and operations. Yet, there are ethics to consider when using AI in everyday business. The growing sophistication and ubiquity of AI applications has raised a number of ethical concerns, including issues of bias, fairness, safety, transparency, and accountability.

The Webinar

Are you curious about how AI might help advance our new norms or even what the ethics behind AI might be? In this webinar, “AI: Embracing Our New Norm,” Spencer Gracias, CEO of Stefanini NA/ APAC and Fabio Caversan, Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Director at Stefanini US, will discuss these topics and more. 

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