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Steftalks: Webinar With DeVry University - AI Improves Online Learning

Learn how Stefanini and DeVry University have co-created together to implement artificial intelligence that helps to improve the student experience.  

“DeVry University is committed to a digital first experience for our students. It is a hallmark of our digital transformation, with a student-first approach. This made Stefanini a natural partner for us.” – Chris Campbell, DeVry CIO 

If there’s anything that COVID-19 has shown us, it’s that a digital-centric education is more important than ever. With schools across the country shut down due to coronavirus, both teachers and students have had to rethink their approach to learning. Here, we find a unique opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence with higher learning to enhance students’ online experience. That’s why we’re launching a webinar in partnership with DeVry University to dive deeper into the capabilities offered by AI and provide insights that will help your institution get ahead during this pandemic. 

About DeVry 

DeVry University is one of the leading higher education institutions, serving more than 22,000 students who strive to improve themselves and their careers through higher learning. DeVry students are unique, as most are adults who take more than 85% of their courses online. With this in mind, the university is focused on its students’ digital experience, as well as serving students and faculty at more than 45 campus locations. 

Stefanini Partners with DeVry 

In 2016, DeVry University struggled to keep its internal Help Desk staffed to keep up with user demands. Technological peers in the industry suggested Stefanini as a reliable partner for service desk support and smart workplace solutions. After a Request for Proposal process, Stefanini and DeVry partnered to improve customer service for both students and faculty. 

As a result of Stefanini’s co-creating process, customer satisfaction ratings dramatically improved to 4.7 stars out of 5, with a zero call abandon rate. In 2019, DeVry and Stefanini extended their service partnership to include field service, with hands-on support technicians both permanently assigned and as-required across DeVry’s 45-campus footprint. 

Why AI? 

Artificial intelligence might not seem like a natural fit for education, but can be used to improve the overall student experience by helping to scale student interactions, allowing teaching assistants and student advisors to focus on more complex tasks. In the meantime, AI-empowers student advisors and AI teaching assistants, and AI-aided adaptive learning can save time by taking on simpler questions 24/7. Finally, AI collects and connects data for personalization.  

In that spirit, Stefanini’s Sophie solution turned out to be the perfect fit for DeVry’s issues and continues to be today! 

The Webinar 

Taking place at noon on April 14th, this webinar features Chris Campbell, Vice President of Information Technology for DeVry University, and Fabio Caversan, Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Director at Stefanini. They will have a conversation about the challenges faced by universities and how artificial intelligence can be deployed to combat these hurdles.  

Join us for this engaging and informative webinar, and find out if your university is up to speed in the process. 

To register, click here.  

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