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Purpose Driven Analytics

Everybody seems to agree that the future of technology is brighter than ever. Yet, humanity is not ready to move into the age of artificial intelligence as there is a lot of natural stupidity left to deal with. Yes, read that again.  

But there is no time to worry. The best part is that one can always choose to self-improve. Now it is the moment to do so, especially during times of crisis that nobody will soon forget.  

As you are reading this, history is being written. The importance of being ready for what is coming next became more and more meaningful for us. That is why, our webinar will address a way of learning to face the future, from a data point of view.  

This talk aims at making us slightly more prepared for that very counter intuitive world of exact, objective facts and how not to be fooled by them. The more attention people pay to the way they interpret data, the less chances of errors. And especially, less chances of sharing wrong conclusions that can easily lead to fake news or ineffective decision making. 

Humans have always been subject to bad data interpretation but never has it been more apparent than today, when interconnectivity and re-contextualization are at their most prevalent. The need of data interpretation learning is more powerful than it has ever been. We believe this process will produce positive results that will truly change the world as we know it today.  

Last but not least, from a professional perspective, the key to insight has become a business’s ability to undergo this re-contextualization from their niche perspective without disregarding broader interpretations.  This is the main factor that offers data interpretation a special place in everyone’s top priorities list. Good data interpretation is essential for having a successful business overview and strategy. 

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