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Improving Lead Conversions And Sales For A Beverage Brand

Company Description:

One of the biggest internationally known companies with 500 beverage brands. Its 2018 revenue was $54B with the support of 175,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide


The company was looking to improve two separate marketing campaigns in Brazil using digital tools.

Campaign #1: Improve lead conversions/sales for a specific product.

Campaign #2: Company was sponsoring a music festival and needed to boost daily ticket sales.


The Stefanini and client teams defined the KPIs and target channels for each campaign. We then optimized websites and applications to focus on improved navigation, usability, and conversions. The media buying agency was included in the structure, planning, and implantation of the campaigns. All parties had access to real-time dashboard reporting for a measure of campaign activation and progress.


Campaign #1 Our techniques for platform optimization, media buying, and social listening increased the lead conversion rate. We reached 130% of the target goal and won a Facebook award as a global case for high product adoption.

Campaign #2 Selling tickets was a high priority for this campaign, and our media process increased sales by 70%. By also addressing SEO and improving organic traffic, we reduced Cost per Click expenses by 50%.

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