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Data-Driven Evolution: The Journey To Analytics Maturity

Data is your most valuable asset. For organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge the wealth of information they have at their fingertips is their greatest tool. However, many businesses find themselves grappling with the challenge of harnessing the full potential of their data to drive sustainable growth.

That’s why Stefanini have developed a comprehensive solution designed to assist businesses in assessing their data analytics maturity. We will work with you to co-create a roadmap for data-driven actions that will lead to increased maturity.

Our objective is clear: to guide businesses towards long-term sustainable and profitable growth by nurturing a culture that thrives on data-driven decision-making. Data-driven businesses grow at an average of 30% annually. By leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach, we aim to empower organizations to transform their data landscape, unlock valuable insights, and take decisive steps towards becoming truly data-driven enterprises.

The Value of Being Data Driven

There is immense value in making critical decisions based on real-life, real-time data. Making the most of your data with integrated data ecosystems can lead to:

  • More agile business practices. Data-driven businesses are better able to accommodate changing market conditions with 39% saying they had used data analytics to introduce new business models, products and services.
  • Faster, more adaptable decision making. Businesses whose decision making is based on a foundation of data-driven insights are 3x more likely to report a significant improvement in the decisions they make, and make them faster.
  • Spotting issues before they arise. Having data-led insights at your fingertips can help you identify and address issues before they become detrimental to your business. As described by one organisation we’ve worked closely with:

“Now I am able to identify potential challenges to profitability and address the issues before they have a negative impact.”
– Sales VP

  • A 360° organisational overview. Organizations who’ve worked with Stefanini have improved workflow between departments and are able to share resources and collaborate more effectively with holistic data-driven insights.

“After we began our journey toward data-driven decision making, it got easier to control potential idleness and share resources with other teams with lower capacity.”
– Delivery Manager

  • Increased revenue. Research has shown that data-driven organizations have 70% higher revenue per employee than average.

If you want to leverage even greater value from your data analytics, Stefanini’s Data-Driven Journey can help you get there.

Our Roadmap to Analytics Maturity

Stefanini’s journey to becoming a more data-driven organization begins with our three stage Analytics Maturity Assessment. Through this process we aim to develop a greater understanding of your current analytics capabilities.

  1. Project discovery. We begin with a series of discovery sessions designed to kick-off the project including stakeholder mapping and leadership alignment.
  2. Data gathering assessment. Through an Operational Layer Survey and set of hour-long leadership interviews we gather quantitative and qualitive data targeting five dimensions of analysis – Leadership, Strategy, People, Processes, Solution – and discussing the scenarios outlined in the discovery phase.
  3. Assessment results. You will receive a wide-ranging maturity evaluation that covers your business processes, objectives, data alignment, pain points, strengths, and evolution targets.

The gathered information allows us to classify your organization into one of four maturity quadrants. From here we can begin to create your personalized Data-Driven Roadmap that will give you a comprehensive action plan and projected timeline for increasing your analytics maturity.

  • Action Mapping. Based on your assessment results and targeted goals we begin the process of mapping projected actions to improve your data analytics maturity. Each action is scored based on an estimation of effort, impact, its core dependencies, and expected outcome.
  • Journey Projection. Your journey is unique, and our projection involves an effort x impact analysis followed by task categorization that allows us to develop a suggested timeline for reaching your maturity projection as efficiently as possible.
  • Co-creation Workshop. Together we finalize the prioritization of recommended actions, define the final timeline, and deliver the completed roadmap.

Become An Industry Recognized​ Data-Driven Organization With Stefanini

At Stefanini we offer a range of design-led and data-centric customer experiences built to empower businesses with new insights and help your organization achieve incredible growth.

Our Data Analytics team has a powerful track record helping a wide variety of clients to greater data analytics maturity. No matter your region or industry, our experienced and certified professionals provide expert guidance and support based on years of practical experience.

Start the exciting journey to data-driven decision making and success, knowing that you’ll be supported by a wealth of industry expertise, knowledge, and skills with Stefanini.

Find out more about how Stefanini can support your data-driven journey.

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