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How Can We Create More Human-Centric Work Experiences In 2023?

The employee landscape has seen rapid changes over the past few years, influenced by a new generation of employees with new values, expectations and demands. The pressure is on leadership to move away from traditional organizational structures and empower the workforce with a human-centric work experience.

The quality of staff output directly impacts an organization’s ability to deliver quality goods or services and engaging employees on a personalized level has never been more important. We spoke to our own Stefanini EMEA People & Culture Director, Andreea Miron, about how company leaders can adopt a human-centric approach to their work policies to achieve the best outcomes.

“As leaders, we should understand that the employee experience is as important as the customer experience. By strengthening the employee experience, we can empower our employees and provide them with a satisfying workplace. The benefits of which include increased employee engagement, higher productivity (which translates into higher customer satisfaction), and lower turnover.” – Andreea Miron, EMEA People & Culture Director

What is a Human-Centric Employee Experience?

A human-centric employee experience is one which takes into consideration the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions of employees. It encourages organizations to observe how staff feel when working and the quality of the relationships they build.

“We are entering an era where the human-centric approach may become more important than the benefits package. When workers strive to become their best selves, they can truly flourish and leverage their unique strengths and talents to drive results that support the growth of the company they believe in. When all of this is done right, companies can enjoy uncommon levels of loyalty, determination, and passion from their employees.

By fostering a positive environment for their employees, they create an employee experience that attracts – and keeps – the best talent. We have done this within Stefanini by focusing on empathy, flexibility, learning and development, and communication for our teams.” – Andreea Miron, EMEA People & Culture Director

How Can Employers Strengthen the Employee Experience?

Miron identifies three areas organizations should emphasize in their human-centric employee strategies. These revolve around the idea that employee experience is improved by “valuing employees and treating them well, both individually and as a group”:

  1. Offer hybrid/flexible work models/hours:  This helps companies reduce employee burnout and facilitates healthy work-life balance.
  2. Encourage internal development: Give employees the opportunity to grow, take on more responsibility, and mentor others to improve morale and reduce turnover.
  3. Provide frequent communication: Regular communication with employees keeps them up to date on what’s happening in the organization and fosters a sense of value.

Can Technology Play a Part in the Human Human-Centric Work Experience?

Miron is wholeheartedly in favour of using technology to enhance the human-centric employee experience by creating efficiencies that improve their day-to-day interactions with your workplace.

Miron’s top tech solutions to explore include:

  • Implementing Chameleon: A persona-based, self-adaptive portal that adapts its context and functionality to the persona accessing it.
  • Using Wallet Key Cards: Facilitating employee access through alternative means of authentication, making it more secure than physical cards.
  • Providing NFT Anniversary Certificates: A blockchain-based solution that rewards employees with individual NFTs when they reach a milestone in the company.

Using tech to improve the employee experience radically expands how organizations utilize technology. Not only can digital solutions be used to improve efficiency and scale operations, but to also look after the needs of your employees.

“Ultimately, valuing employees and treating them well, both individually and as a group, is one of the best ways to improve the employee experience.” – Andreea Miron, EMEA People & Culture Director

Improve Your Employees’ Experience with Stefanini’s Solutions

It is clear that employee experience is linked to better productivity, lower staff attrition and better business outcomes. By investing in your people, you can attract and retain the most talented among the new generation of skilled candidates.

To learn more about how our solutions can help you strengthen your employee experience, get in touch.

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