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How Large Businesses Can Protect Their Data

Data is the key differentiator for companies in today’s businesses environment. The quality of data an organization owns – alongside its ability to act on that data – is a reliable predictor of success.

This importance stems from the fact that every interaction a company has with consumers is an opportunity to collect data – which means each interaction is also an opportunity to gain insight into how to better meet consumer needs, earn their loyalty and improve profitability.

Whether a consumer is visiting a website, interacting with a marketing message, or buying a product, businesses are able to gather data in order refine their approach. In order for businesses to collect and make use of data, however, they need to gain active consent from consumers. Businesses can only gain this consent if shoppers are reassured their data will be used responsibly and stored securely.

As a result, companies that fall short in this area will not only lose access to data – harming their ability to enhance marketing campaigns and improve the shopper experience – but will suffer significant reputational damage and financial penalties imposed by regulators.

A Proper Protection Approach

The value of data – and the consequences of data leaking – underlines the importance of businesses embracing a sophisticated approach to data protection.

For many organizations, this means partnering with a specialist with extensive experience in protecting data.

At Stefanini, we understand the value of keeping data safe, having worked with major organizations globally, providing data loss prevention (DLP) software and tools.

Our approach includes Cybersecurity Advisory Services, which involve designing, building and implementing cybersecurity programs, with a focus on people, processes and technology. This is supported by our Managed Security Operations, providing scalable around-the-clock monitoring, detection, and response capabilities to help safeguard organizations against security threats.  As a result, we can provide businesses with the tools they need to protect their data, while proactively monitoring their systems to ensure it remains safe. In a data-driven landscape, this is crucial to companies succeeding. Learn more about Stefanini’s full range of digital solutions here.

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