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What’s N.E.X.T? The New Approach To The Digital Workplace

Stefanini responded quickly to the transformed business environment, understanding that its digital workplace offering needed to empower businesses to fully meet new employee expectations.

That meant developing an approach in which businesses gain a competitive advantage by allowing their employees to work from wherever they want, whenever they want – and recruit from the broadest possible pool of talent.

This focus on an employee-centric workplace is at the core of Stefanini’s end-to-end managed service for digital workers – Natural Employee Experience Technology (N.E.X.T.).

The Modern Digital Workplace

Stefanini has devised N.E.X.T. to ensure that businesses can provide the same level of service to employees that they typically receive in the consumer IT landscape.

That means devices and applications are provided quickly through fully automated requests and zero-touch provisioning.

Equally, there’s a commitment to ensuring colleagues are able to collaborate safely and effectively, wherever they might be based. This involves offering corporate collaboration tools, alongside expert support that is available via the channel of employees’ choice, whether that’s traditional voice or walk-up digital cafés.

Additionally, through the power of AI, N.E.X.T. analyzes the needs of all employees and makes use of complex algorithms to predict future demands and solve problems before they occur.

Adapting to Client Requirements

Stefanini provides these digital workplace services with a clear focus on clients’ precise requirements.

This is achieved through building deep knowledge of each client’s business – collaborating closely with the client via a co-creation approach – to ensure that all solutions offer the maximum benefit based on the existing maturity level and use of technology.

These services are also tailored according to insights shared in employee focus groups, which enables true employee-centricity.

While this offers immediate benefits to businesses, there is also flexibility within the N.E.X.T. approach, which means Stefanini’s ability to expertly meet client needs grows over time. As a result, Stefanini has built longstanding relationships that have delivered exceptional results for clients on a transformation journey.

It’s within these longer relationships that clients are able to dial services up or down from Stefanini’s portfolio, adapting in response to a changing landscape and new business requirements.

Supporting the Transition

The new landscape has resulted in businesses needing to embrace new and innovative ways of working to ensure their future viability.

While such a move has become necessary, it can also prove challenging for companies that have operated according to legacy models for long periods. 

Stefanini has responded to this by providing internal marketing campaigns aimed at informing and educating employees about its digital workplace solution.

As a result, businesses can transform how they operate to meet the challenges posed by the new environment, while employees are fully equipped to adapt to the new way of working.

Ultimately, this means a better experience for employees and improved performance for businesses – allowing them to meet today’s challenges through a more efficient and engaged workforce.

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