Introducing our raw data aggregation solution: D.A.T.A. (Data Automation & Transformation Aggregator) - Stefanini

Introducing Our Raw Data Aggregation Solution: D.A.T.A. (Data Automation & Transformation Aggregator)

Most of us understand the importance of data to inform business operations, however, there are different ways data is collected and presented prior to even reaching a data analyst or scientist.

What is Data Aggregation?

Currently data is considered one of the most valuable known currencies, however, it is rendered almost useless without the organisation delivered by aggregators.

Data aggregation is the process of collecting raw data and organising it for statistical analysis. This data can be collected from a single or group of resources depending on the purpose of the data aggregation.

Raw data alone without aggregation is limited in its value as businesses gain little in terms of actionable information. In a business context, aggregation tools, like Stefanini’s new Data Automation & Transformation Aggregator (D.A.T.A.) solution, are vital to understand audience behaviours and operational performance. Following analysis and reporting, the statistics can be used to inform strategic decisions, drive efficiencies and reach new target audiences.

Why use Stefanini’s D.A.T.A.?

Our D.A.T.A solution organises unstructured client ITSM raw data with automatic filtering. Generated client request tickets are presented in a split-per-category view which can be addressed with automation and is presentation friendly.

D.A.T.A serves to aid in improving client experience and streamlines reporting with its updated interface, bringing better visuals and reporting features. Stefanini can implement data aggregation into your processes quickly and efficiently, taking into account your full operational needs.

Interested in making your data commercially valuable with D.A.T.A? Speak to an expert today.

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