Stefanini Group: Leadership and Innovation in the Era of Generative AI

Stefanini Group: Leadership And Innovation In The Era Of Generative AI

Fifteen years ago, when the Stefanini Group decided to acquire Woopi, an artificial intelligence startup, the topic of AI was reserved for beginners and enthusiasts of a promising market. Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO of the group, marked the occasion as the foundation of a large innovation ecosystem, recognizing AI as a major business vector. Today, amidst the boom of generative AI, Stefanini plans to invest more than $200 million by 2026, not only for new acquisitions but also to expand its operations in artificial intelligence.

Founded in 1987 in the businessman’s home, Stefanini Group, which originally focused on custom software services, evolved into a multinational with 37,000 employees, operating in 41 countries and achieving revenues of more than $1 billion. The growth strategy highlights artificial intelligence as a central priority in the coming years.

Throughout his 36 years of professional activity, Marco Stefanini has navigated several technological waves, recognizing that AI is transforming business models, comparable to the impact of the internet and the advent of digital transformation.

“This is an extremely important topic. I consider it strategic, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social point of view. It is difficult to anticipate the real impact. In recent months, we have witnessed an explosion. In fact, in terms of speed, precision, and artificial intelligence, there has been a significant change in the advancement of this scenario,” emphasizes Marco Stefanini.

The group’s innovation arm, called Stefanini Ventures, incorporates almost 30 acquired companies across various segments, from digital marketing to financial services. Each operates as an independent business unit, with its own CEO and brand, but they all rely on technical support from Woopi in contracts involving artificial intelligence.

The impact of AI on business, comparable to that of the internet, is evidenced by the centralization of instructions in the Stefanini library, where 2,000 prompts are stored and used by 3,400 employees, regardless of their area of ​​activity. The explosion of generative AI, driven by ChatGPT, led Stefanini to create a central platform to access proprietary technology and leverage the capabilities of large language models.

With 320 artificial intelligence projects underway and 27 products with AI embedded, Stefanini demonstrates the versatility of this technology. The initial caution in the corporate market, similar to that observed in the digital transformation movement, is giving way to the urgency of investing in AI in the coming years to avoid the risk of falling behind. Stefanini, by embracing this journey of innovation, reinforces its role in leading the technological revolution, where the natural incorporation of AI into everyday life is inevitable.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Industries

A pioneer in the development of AI, Stefanini has been co-creating AI solutions with industries from varied sectors for 15 years. From steel giants to automotive multinationals, they all sought to transform their businesses, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. And they found the ideal partner in Stefanini.

Discover what Stefanini has achieved with AI.

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