Stefanini Group Unveils Global "Imagine" Campaign Showcasing AI Success Stories - Stefanini

Stefanini Group Unveils Global "Imagine" Campaign Showcasing AI Success Stories

Stefanini Group is excited to announce the launch of its worldwide campaign, “Imagine,” spotlighting the company’s extensive expertise and triumphs in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Developed by W3haus, an agency within Stefanini’s marketing umbrella Haus, this initiative positions Stefanini as an invaluable partner for business leaders keen on seamless AI integration.

The primary objective of the ‘Imagine’ campaign is to feature success stories from diverse markets, emphasizing Stefanini’s 12-year track record in AI development and utilization. Tailored for executives seeking efficient AI applications in their businesses, the campaign underscores Stefanini’s ability to swiftly adapt to new technologies and deliver tangible results.

As a pivotal ally in business development and evolution, Stefanini Group is at the forefront of discussions on artificial intelligence. The campaign leverages generative AI technology throughout the entire process, showcasing years of experience melded with cutting-edge innovation.

Additionally, collaborative efforts with automotive clients have empowered the training of AI models capable of predicting future regulations based on an extensive dataset covering over 66,000 critical components. Each case serves as a distinct example of AI application, highlighting Stefanini’s prowess as a forward-thinking technological partner in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

To visually communicate these solutions effectively, W3haus utilized generative AI tools, resulting in over a thousand images and ultimately yielding four final compositions. Gauge, in collaboration with Brooke, under Haus, developed a dedicated website showcasing all aspects of the ‘Imagine’ campaign, complemented by an institutional video.

W3haus not only spearheaded the campaign’s design but also leads the media strategy across Stefanini’s operational regions, encompassing Latin America, the United States/Asia, and Europe. The comprehensive strategy spans content dissemination on the company’s networks, programmatic media, and global airport advertisements.

Tania Herrezeel, Marketing Director, Stefanini EMEA, affirmed, “Stefanini has consistently stood as a reliable ally for our clients, creating products that genuinely enhance their businesses. In an era where leaders may harbor concerns or hold unrealistic expectations about AI technology, we have crafted this impactful and transparent campaign to showcase our offerings: real results coupled with effective partnership throughout this transformative journey.”

Guilherme Stefanini, CEO of Haus, added, “We aim to demonstrate that AI is instrumental in driving business growth while effectively addressing operational bottlenecks and enhancing overall efficiency. With our vast experience in AI-related strategies, coupled with ongoing technological advancements, we remain committed to further investing in realizing its unparalleled potential.

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