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Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Operations offer scalable around-the-clock monitoring, detection, and response capabilities to help safeguard organizations against security threats.  

Protecting Your Organization

We provide the expertise businesses need to respond to a fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. That means real-time monitoring, alongside early notification and rapid response in the face of potential threats. We also empower clients to move beyond their own attack surface and enhance their capabilities through incident analysis and response services. We can also help keep you aware of your organization’s environment by offering everything from definitions of key risk areas and assets to scheduled or on-demand vulnerability scanning, while also supporting with the day-to-day administration of cyber security products, from policy creation and implementation to solution patching and upgrades.

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Managed Security Event Monitoring

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) will assess events triggered by our monitoring tools, assign threat level, and send an event notification that follows regulatory compliance standards.

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Security Operation Center (SOC)

From our SOC, Stefanini’s team of expert security professionals monitor the entirety of an organization’s IT infrastructure, 24/7, to detect and respond to cybersecurity events in real-time.

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Managed Detection And Response

Stefanini MDR services provide a series of network, host, and endpoint based cybersecurity measures and technologies that we continuously manage and monitor for client organizations.

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Automatic Vulnerability Detection

Applying AI and machine learning technologies, Stefanini provides an automatic vulnerability detection system to identify weaknesses in IT infrastructure and offering strategic resolutions.

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Security Platform Management

We optimize in-house security operations, providing security information and event management, endpoint detection and response, network detection and response, and vulnerability management.

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