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Our Approach

The 4 Fundamentals of the Stefanini Innovation Foundation

We believe the best response for an ever-changing and, at times, intimidating new world is applied innovation – meeting the challenge of the future head-on by embracing new technologies, business models, and ways of working.

With our validated best practices, cutting-edge solutions, and network of accelerators, we embrace every challenge that requires an innovative approach, creating long-term value for our customers by offering them a competitive advantage and empowering them to proactively respond to the latest industry developments.

Our approach to innovation encompasses a global network of digital centers where we co-create with our clients at each step of the customer journey; first starting with a business goal and ending with the delivery of a digital product that drives transformative results.

Our ecosystem benefits from enhanced expertise in human-centered design, breakthrough innovation, and R&D, solidifying our leadership in transformation, invention, and reinvention.

For us, innovation takes shape in the following ways: 

Our Clients – Experience Innovation
Our Capabilities – Innovation as a Service 
Our Partners – Innovation Ecosystem
Our Workforce – Knowledge Training – R&D 


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