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Smart Manufacturing : Future-Proofing The Industry Through Data

The current picture is complex for the manufacturing sector. The coronavirus pandemic caused an overnight change in demand globally, with some sectors facing drastic decline, while others were met with an unexpected surge in orders. On top of this, shifting consumer habits – which have adapted not just in response to the pandemic but also new technologies and expectations – make the future even more difficult to predict.

In our upcoming webinar, taking place at 3 PM CEST on Wednesday 29 July, Leonardo Vieira, Digital Industry Director at Stefanini and Rik Demeulemeester , VP Business Development Stefanini EMEA will explore how Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing have empowered organizations to meet the challenges posed by the uncertain landscape, making them more agile and flexible, able to respond more quickly to market changes. While even organizations that have embraced Industry 4.0 will have been disrupted by recent events, it seems likely they will have fared better than companies with a monolithic, rigid business model.

Weathering storms and succeeding in a challenging environment means taking smart, data-driven decisions, which requires visibility across the business. The disruption many businesses have faced during the pandemic highlights how this visibility is often lacking.
Within the manufacturing sector, too many subjective decisions have been taken on the basis of gut instinct or anecdotal experience. The solution is objective decision-making based on data, with decisions contextualized, explained, and calibrated.
While businesses wishing to transform into successful data-driven organizations will need to evaluate whether a shift in culture is required, there is no doubt that making progress in this area is key to operating more intelligently. Any data-based operation is more suited to being automated, and any automatic operation is a step closer to becoming more efficient and making use of predictive data.
To understand how smarter, data-led decisions will be key to businesses meeting today’s challenges while laying the foundations for future success, register for our upcoming StefTalks webinar below.

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