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How Generative AI Is Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the manufacturing market has proved revolutionary, bringing numerous improvements and innovations to the sector.  The application of generative AI may be even more relevant, as it involves the ability of machines not only to analyze existing data, but also to generate new content, projects and solutions autonomously.

With an eye on this evolution, our company is working on systems that offer industries an AI-driven solution. This is intended to help production areas find the optimum point within a changing environment, where decisions need to be made quickly. The aim is to bring a more dynamic systems interface to the shop floor, using visual, voice, and text resources.

Over the last few years, we have been developing AI solutions for the steel industry with numerous benefits. In an industry of this magnitude, it is essential to prevent production from being interrupted by dust and other contaminating effects that can cause accidents and financial losses. Our AI system monitors the entire production process in real time, monitoring unusual situations and distinguishing real risks from false positives. This avoids unnecessary material and energy consumption and makes production faster and safer.

In general, AI has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, allowing for process optimization, increased efficiency, cost reduction, and more accurate decision-making. It can also improve product quality, occupational safety, and the sustainability of operations. Some of our clients in the industrial sector have seen a 15% reduction in energy costs. Productivity has increased by 5% to 10% with automated systems.

Generative AI can add even more benefits such as design optimization and prototyping, advanced simulation, predictive maintenance, continuous innovation, sustainability, and collaboration with humans, taking human-machine interaction to the next level.

According to Leonardo Vieira, Digital Service Director, our company’s thesis is that “regardless of how robotic the industrial process is, there will always be an interface with the human being.  Our digital solutions are always focused on the human, what we call human-centric.”

Combining technology with all markets, we are making a name for ourselves with AI solutions in the areas of Finance, Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Workplace, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, and Sales.

If you want to learn a little more about AI in Manufacturing, check out the project we developed for a large steel company.

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