Stefanini's Digital Leader, Natalia Chiritescu, Featured in Business Review's "Outstanding Women in Business"

Stefanini's Digital Leader, Natalia Chiritescu, Featured In Business Review's "Outstanding Women In Business"

We’re thrilled to share that Natalia Chiritescu, our Digital Solution Center Director for EMEA, has been recognized in Business Review Magazine’s “Outstanding Women in Business” edition for March 2024! The interview dives deep into Natalia’s impressive journey and her leadership within Stefanini’s digital transformation engine.

A Commitment to Growth and Innovation

Natalia joined Stefanini a year ago, drawn to our unique ability to achieve simultaneous growth in revenue, margins, and customer satisfaction. Since then, her focus has been on strengthening our capabilities to maintain this exceptional performance.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the potential of AI can be both exciting and overwhelming for businesses. Recognizing this, Natalia has championed the integration of business advisory skills within our talented team. This combined expertise allows us to collaborate effectively with clients, ensuring they leverage technology to achieve their specific business goals.

Success: A Universal Journey

When asked about the keys to success in business, Natalia emphasizes principles that resonate with everyone: excelling professionally while nurturing personal interests outside of work, and practicing intentional self-management. This includes constant reflection, building self-awareness, and setting clear career goals with a proactive approach to achieving them. Decisive action, learning from mistakes, and the confidence to explore new opportunities are all crucial for success.

For women in particular, Natalia stresses the importance of confidence – not waiting to possess every single skill or experience before taking on new challenges.

Building Strong Teams, Delivering Tangible Results

Throughout her career, Natalia has consistently built strong teams and transformed ideas into impactful results. Leading these teams, she has strategically reshaped business models to ensure sustainable long-term growth while achieving short-term goals.

One such example is from 2020, when her team’s swift response to the pandemic’s digitalization demands made a significant difference. By leveraging the collective strength of our global team, they provided essential technology to support children’s online learning, particularly within public education systems.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Natalia’s leadership and expertise guiding Stefanini’s digital solutions. Congratulations, Natalia, on this well-deserved recognition!

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