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Industry 4.0 - Product Representation Process To Aftermarkets

Client Description

A global industrial group operating in the capital goods sector It uses its brands to design, manufacture and market agricultural and construction machinery.

Client Challenges

Diversification in production allows Client requests to be satisfied by offering very well-defined vehicle configurations The management of spare parts (aftermarket) needed to be in line with the marketing data of the various models in the various geographical areas, in order to produce the correct information regarding the availability dates of the individual spare parts. Solutions

Following an in-depth analysis of the Client’s requirements, by virtue of an in-depth knowledge of the documentary processes of the master systems in which the documentation of equipment/vehicles is managed at the level of commercial compositions and feasibility dates of the parts, designed the interface based on the following points:

  • Identification of the correct events for sending
  • Relationship between the commercial offering and the manufacturing counterpart
  • Persistent alignment flow
  • Security check at the exact moment of sending data

The Results

Data Security

  • The system sends data only when necessary
  • The feasibility date of the part is detected with certainty


  • Revision data system
  • Flexibility in the recovery of previous data
  • Option of repeated executions
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