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Support For All Activities And Processes Managed By The Client’s LMS System

Client Description

A global group for the design, manufacture and marketing of motor vehicles.

Client Challenges

The Client provides technical, commercial and behavioral training for thousands of users operating in its sales network Part of this activity is managed through the use of online courses available on a dedicated LMS platform It was necessary to constitute a support team for the functional activities required for delivery through the platform pertaining to:

  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Certification of users for their professional role
  • Monitoring of the training results Solutions

Support for all activities and processes managed by the Client’s LMS system:

  • First level technical support
  • Assistance to application/functional training coordinators/training managers
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • In person or virtual classroom training on system functions
  • Design and development of online courses (WBT)

The Results


  • Assistance to users and contact persons in foreign markets who are responsible for coordinating training activities
  • Configuration of the platform based on the specifications provided by the Client


  • Design, verification, development and provision of new reports

Online Courses and Multimedia Material

  • Storyboard design and WBT (Web Base Training) development and multimedia material
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