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How Stefanini Supported Grenke’s Growth Plans

Stefanini and Grenke Collaboration

Stefanini has supported the German office equipment leasing company Grenke since 2019, providing a dedicated software development team, before expanding its offer to include a 24/7 service desk and security monitoring services.

The partnership, which runs globally, with service desk support offered in English and German, began when Grenke was facing challenges around hiring software developers in a competitive German market.

“Gaining access to the right software developers is a pressing challenge for many businesses in Germany. It was clear that we needed to expand our team in order to gain the full range of skills we required. Stefanini’s ability to create a dedicated team for us – offering a comprehensive range of development skills – was a genuine game changer for our business,” says Liviu Banulescu, VP Sales, Grenke.

Stefanini’s team of software developers, which is based in Romania, provides the exact mixture of skills Grenke requires, supporting Grenke’s in-house software team in Germany and ensuring the business can be more agile when delivering IT products.

It was this ability to assemble a team offering the skills Grenke required, combined with a shared entrepreneurial spirit, that ensured Stefanini was selected for the partnership.

“Once a company reaches a certain size, building a team that offers all the skills necessary while maintaining effective collaboration can prove a challenge. Stefanini has a really smart approach to building dedicated teams and the beauty of their model is that they understand entrepreneurial ambition and can be very agile when it comes to scaling their team to support us as we scale our business,” explains Liviu.

Rapid Scaling to Support Grenke’s Growth

Stefanini’s ability to rapidly scale its team in response to Grenke’s growth ambitions have proven vital over the last six months, with Stefanini more than doubling the size of its team over this period, while planning for further growth in the future.

The value this team offers Grenke is enhanced by its ability to work entirely independently, managing products from end to end while being on hand to support Grenke’s German developers.

This ability to work independently underlined Stefanini’s role as a trusted partner, which ultimately resulted in extending the partnership to include service desk support and cybersecurity monitoring.

“The expansion of the partnership with Stefanini underlines its great success. Having supported our software development needs, we knew we could trust their ability to deliver when it came to their service desk offering and cybersecurity monitoring, which is particularly important in the current business environment,” adds Liviu.

Cybersecurity and Service Desk Offering

Stefanini provides a specialized cybersecurity monitoring service that accommodates all existing security platforms Grenke had in place prior to the partnership. This not only ensures 24/7/365 security monitoring but also improved incident detection and escalation times.

Stefanini provides support via its Security Operations Center (SOC) based in Bucharest, where specialist security analysts are on hand round-the-clock, with service and activity reports customized to Grenke’s requirements included in the partnership.

“At every stage of working with Stefanini, we’ve really valued their ability to deeply understand precisely what we are looking for and tailoring their offer to our exact requirements. This has been the case whether working with our software team or providing cybersecurity or service desk support. The success we’ve enjoyed means we can only see this partnership expanding in the future,” adds Liviu.

Silviu Panait, Business Development Manager at Stefanini EMEA, says: “Our partnership with Grenke has continued to grow thanks to its great success, with a dedicated team of Stefanini employees covering software development, service desk support and security monitoring. Stefanini’s teams have proven that they can provide the skills and collaborative approach Grenke requires. We look forward to supporting them in realizing their ambitious growth plans over the years ahead.”

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