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Service Management Transformation - IT Infrastrutture Support Service

Client Description

A multinational group specialized in confectionery products (FMCG) Structured through a series of international companies and sub-holdings, it operates at 25 production plants around the world.

Client Challenges

The company employed numerous external consultants for the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure technologies There was a need to optimize the use of resources, maintaining access to expert personnel for the technologies concerned and freeing internal teams from operational responsibilities. Solutions

Starting from the need to organize a team that could collect all the requests from the first level support groups, resolve the requests or forward them to the next level teams, launched what would prove to be a true transformation process over the years Indeed, the service implemented involved an operational framework that would allow the progressive extension of its scope to various technological areas. Furthermore, continuous communication between the components involved in service management allowed the identification of all the critical issues during the delivery phase and, consequently, the selection of which instruments to employ for:

  • the streamlining of the processes
  • the assignment of the operations and the correct responsibilities of the support groups actively involved
  • the significant reduction of response times to end-users and business functions

The Results


The service provided by allowed the Client to know which areas received support, including the levels of performance and costs, in a timely manner.


The improvement of management processes, encouraged and supported by, made it possible to absorb significant increases in terms of business volumes.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduction or elimination of non-productive activities
  • Standardization of operating procedures
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